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Sreenidhi International School:  Secondary School Prinicipal


Aprajita Ralli assumed the role of Secondary School Principal at Sreenidhi International School very recently , embarking on a continuous learning journey. In her educational journey she acquired several certifications, including Microsoft in Education as an Expert and Trainer, Certified Educator for Technology Integration from TISS and Microsoft Education, and certifications from platforms like Penpals Schools, Adobe, Seesaw, Wakelet, and Flipgrid. Taking an active role in mentoring new teachers within the school, she has guided them through MIE certification training and has encouraged advancement to MIEE certification. Her dedication to mentorship extended beyond her workspace, she has been conducting training sessions, securing the MIE Trainer status, and offering professional learning and instructional design support to schools nationwide. She is driven by her passion for amplifying students' voices and fostering engagement in global goals became evident through the role as a TeachSDG Ambassador, where she trained multiple groups of teachers and students. Over an 18-year span in education, Aprajitya has always emphasized the significance of community service and global perspectives.Advocating staunchly for student-centered learning, she believes in placing students at the nucleus of educational endeavors. Her different leadership roles have provided opportunities to create diverse learning experiences, ensuring students are engaged profoundly in their educational journey.