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NUCB International College:  Principal

Dennis Kelly


Scheduled to open in September 2022, NUCB International College (NIC) will be situated on the beautiful 200-acre, wooded grounds of Nagoya University of Commerce in Business located in Nisshin City, which borders the Aichi prefectural capital of Nagoya City and its 2.3 million residents. NIC will be a co-educational boarding school with world-class facilities for a maximum cohort of 225 students from Years 10-12 and run to the European/North American academic school year (Sept-June). The programme will provide an international and Japanese domestic university matriculation pathway for non-Japanese citizens - either based overseas or residing in Japan - as well as Japanese citizens - either returning from overseas or currently residing in Japan. All students will graduate simultaneously with the Japanese High School Diploma and the IB Diploma. The requirements of both diplomas will be met via instruction in English.