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Beijing City International School:  Director of Communications

Phil Clark


Phil is originally from the UK where he gained his Bachelor of Education (Honours) degree from the University of Lancaster and later gained his Master of Education degree from the University of Sheffield. He also holds a Certificate in Educational Leadership from the Principal’s Training Center.

Phil is passionate about the power of education to inspire others to make a positive impact. He has wide ranging experience in international education as a teacher and has held a variety of leadership roles. He has worked in schools in the UK, Turkey, Kuwait, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. Phil is also a consultant, workshop leader and visiting team leader for the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. Originally joining BCIS from 2009-2012 as Middle School Principal. Phil was delighted to return to the BCIS community in August 2019 as Director of Communications. When not working, Phil enjoys running, walking the dog, reading and listening to music.