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Stella Maris School:  DP Extended Essay Coordinator /CORE Facillitator

Edgardo De Castro


Reporting to the IB Coordinator and works with the academic leaders in support to TOK , EE and CAS supervisors/teachers in ensuring components will be met before the deadline to wit: -To support and monitor the progress of the candidates and supervisors/mentors. -To discuss in general the guidelines in choosing topic with the candidates starting in Year 1 and, in particular, help them to formulate, plans a well-focused research question and activities that satisfies appropriate legal and ethical standards of TOK and CAS (including health and safety, confidentiality, human rights, animal welfare, and environmental issues) as well as upholding that the research conforms to the regulations as outlined in the Extended Essay, TOK and CAS Guide relating in the subject areas. -To encourage and support the candidates throughout the research and writing of the extended essay, including advice and guidance of the Extended Essay. -Works collaboratively with the TOK , EE and CAS mentors.