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The American School Foundation, A.C.:  Head of the Early Childhood Center

Erin Trautman


Born in Virginia, but after moving around the US and abroad for most of her childhood, Erin considers herself a citizen of the world. After finishing her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood from Ohio University, she moved to Chicago to begin her career. Following teaching in the Chicago Public School System for two years, she began working on her first Master’s degree at DePaul University in Reading and Learning Disabilities. Upon graduating in 1997, she moved to Mexico and began her career at ASF as a resource teacher within the Services for Academic Success department. Following some time off to begin her family in 1999, she returned to ASF in 2008 as the reading specialist and interventionist for the Early Childhood Center. During this time, she studied a second Masters of Education in International Education Administration from Endicott College. After serving for seven years as the interventionist in the ECC, she was hired as a Lower School Dean of Students, and held that position for the last three years. She has been an ASF Foundation member for twelve years and is a proud parent of two ASF Upper School students.