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TieCare Members

What is TieCare?
TieCare Insurance Company is an independently owned and distinct corporation, not connected to The International Educator. Many international schools do use TieCare's Insurance plans.

TieCare Member Benefits
All staff covered by a TieCare health insurance plan receives access to TIEonline services and should ask their school about their free copy of The International Educator newspaper. TIEonline services include access to all job vacancies and the ability to securely add your resume to our TIE resume bank where employers can actively search for candidates.

As a TieCare member, can I still add on IJN (Instant Job Notification)?
Yes. You can upgrade your service to include IJN at any time and get tailored openings emailed to you.

My school uses TieCare for health insurance. How do I get a User ID and Password?
If your school provides TieCare health insurance, ask your school administrator for the school’s user ID and password. These can be used to log in to our site. In addition to your ID and password, you will be prompted to enter your name and email address to add or edit your resume.

My user ID and password are not working, what should I do?
First verify that your information is valid. TieCare member passwords change annually every autumn. New passwords are sent to your school administrator. Contact your administrator to get your new password. If you know you have a current ID and password, please contact us to help resolve your difficulty. Don’t forget to mention you are a TieCare member.

I recently moved schools, why doesn’t my user ID and password still work?
Your account with TIEonline is through a school and its TieCare health insurance policy. If you change schools, your membership must be reactivated through you new employer (assuming they also have TieCare health insurance). You can also subscribe independently at any time.

I moved schools and have logged in using the new user ID and password, why can’t I access my resume?
Your account with TIEonline is through a school and its TieCare health insurance policy. Contact us for help in moving your resume from your old account to your new account.  You can also subscribe independently at any time.

If my TIE membership is through the school employing me, how does this affect the privacy of my resume and inquiries with other schools?
Although your membership is associated to your employer, once you enter the protected resume area with your personal email address, all your information is completely secure and private. However, once you activate your resume it is live and can be viewed by any school/employer including your current school. You can deactivate your resume at any time should you not wish to be searched for.

What do I do if I have found a job already?
If your search has been successful you should deactivate your resume using the “deactivate” button on the upper corner of your resume. Should you need to search for a job at another time you can always go back to update your resume and reactivate it.

Who do I contact with insurance questions or claims?
Please direct all inquires about insurance related issues directly with your TieCare representative.

Corporate Headquarters
27422 Portola Parkway, Suite 110
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610
Direct: +1 (949) 421-3339