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Sunday, 7 March 2021

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+ 2019
By Martin Walsh, TIE columnist
Things felt a little different this year. Early application numbers and results were equally competitive but less consistent. Unlike past years that saw big gains in everyone’s early numbers, this year was more of a mixed bag. ..more
By Martin Walsh, TIE columnist
Overwhelmed by the cost of attending college, depressed by admit rates that have been on a downward slide for the last decade, and discouraged by a byzantine application process and less than transparent evaluation rubric, a growing number of parents and students are looking for alternative pathways. ..more
+ 2018
By Martin Walsh
Nearly one million college students from other countries study in the United States, or roughly 5 percent of the nation’s total enrollment. California colleges host about 150,000 of them; that’s more than any other state. As such, a close analysis of last year’s University of California admission decisions will provide counselors with the data needed to guide the senior class. ..more
By Martin Walsh
This year 100 percent of the students I counseled sent off early applications. This made for an incredibly busy fall and a stressful December. More students are applying in the early round than ever before. In December, Brown, Dartmouth, Duke, Penn, and Northwestern reported double-digit increases in applications. ..more
By Martin Walsh
“How long do admission officers spend evaluating the application essay?” a student asked me not too long ago. “No more than a few minutes,” I replied. “Three at the most.” The student was visibly shaken. And I get why. ..more
+ 2017
By Martin Walsh
With Donald Trump’s election a fait accompli it is time for counselors to grapple with the impact Trump’s administration could have on the college admission landscape. Like many educators, this is a conversation I never wanted to have. ..more
+ 2016
By Martin Walsh
Over the last five years, web-based classes—especially massive open online courses (MOOCs)—have begun to change the way students interact with the education process. It is clear that MOOCs are having an impact on higher education and are evolving to meet the needs of students and institutions. But how do they factor into the college application process? ..more
By Martin Walsh
Every winter students and parents approach me with the same questions: “What is the most effective use of my summer?” “Which programs do the colleges favor?” “How do I choose a summer program?” ..more
+ 2015
By Martin Walsh, TIE Columnist
As a counselor and former Assistant Dean, I am frequently asked for formulas to make application-writing faster, better, and less painful. I am not certain I have a formula, but I do have an approach that seems to get results. ..more
By Martin Walsh, TIE columnist
There is a misconception that specific internships will get students into their dream colleges, or that certain “unique” experiences will help to set them apart in the admissions process. But the question has to be asked: are these expensive programs really worth it in the long term? ..more
By Martin Walsh, TIE columnist
The school profile is the document that accompanies, or is attached to, every transcript mailed off to a university during the application process. According to Eric Maloof of Trinity University, “More than domestic profiles, international school profiles must provide the reader with the layers needed to contextualize the student’s candidacy.” Martin Walsh couldn't agree more. ..more
By Martin Walsh, TIE columnist
Holistic evaluation is a system of review used by nearly all the university admission offices in the United States that employs a variety of factors when determining the admissibility of an applicant. Recently a new and controversial ingredient has been added to the already complicated “holistic formula:” Demonstrated Interest. ..more
By Martin Walsh, TIE columnist
The sheer volume of applications to undergraduate programs continues to skyrocket, and for many universities, international applications are the driving force behind it. Two countries, China and India, have played a definitive role in changing the landscape of college admissions. ..more
by Martin Walsh, TIE columnist
Some bright and motivated students see the traditional educational model as an intellectual and professional hindrance. Martin Walsh discusses a new and, in his view, exciting option: the Minerva Schools. In this model, students take all their classes online in a live video chat with a professor but live in dorms on a campus. ..more
+ 2014
by Martin Walsh, TIE columnist
I find it surprising how few administrators understand the crucial role that the high school profile plays in the university evaluation and admissions process. Its purpose is to officially “translate” the applicant’s transcript into terms college admissions officers can understand. ..more
by Martin Walsh, TIE columnist
Given that teacher recommendation letters are often the most vital source of information for an admissions committee, the teachers asked to write letters of recommendation need sound guidance on what aspects to emphasize. Because students are often too busy to provide this, the college counseling office should conduct a brief workshop for all recommendation writers. ..more
by Martin Walsh, TIE columnist
TIE columnist Martin Walsh considers application strategies, namely the pros and cons of applying early. When should a counselor encourage a student to apply early? In what cases is this strategy not advisable? ..more
By Martin Walsh, TIE Columnist
Choosing the college where a student would like to spend four years of their life can be a daunting task. But there are steps a guidance counselor can take to simplify the process, and to turn it into an enjoyable and satisfying experience. ..more
By Martin Walsh, TIE Columnist
Two of the trickiest admissions issues out there, course re-takes and the reporting of disciplinary action, are best addressed by developing a transparent communication plan with the college admissions community. ..more
by Martin Walsh, TIE columnist
Since the adoption of the Common Application, colleges and universities have seen an explosion in applications from high school seniors. Martin Walsh considers the pros and cons of limiting the number of applications students may submit. ..more
by Martin Walsh, TIE columnist
Many international school teachers struggle with the process of writing letters of recommendation. What purpose are they meant to serve? What rules and expectations are attached to this genre? Columnist Martin Walsh warns against a few deadly sins. ..more
by Martin Walsh, TIE Columnist
Victory goes not to the swiftest, but to the most thoughtful. The phrase is most useful when guiding both juniors and seniors in the college application process. ..more
By Martin Walsh, TIE Columnist
One of the college counselor's most important tasks involves setting up a calendar covering the winter and spring months, outlining a very clear set of goals and expectations that must be met by each rising senior. ..more
By Martin Walsh, TIE Columnist
Before working with deferred students, it is important for international school counselors to understand that undergraduate admission offices can have very different approaches to the early application pool. ..more
By Martin Walsh, TIE Columnist
International schools are often staffed by teachers from all corners of the world; throw a constant turnover of faculty into the mix, and international school counselors have a very real crisis to manage each fall. ..more
By Martin Walsh, TIE Columnist
The economic playing field has changed, and many colleges are trying to respond. It is in the interests of the international school counselor to read up on the many “dual,” “combined,” and “accelerated” programs now on offer in the United States. ..more
+ 2010
By Martin Walsh, TIE Columnist
I find it surprising how few international school administrators understand the crucial role that the high school profile plays in the university evaluation and admissions process. Are you up to speed? ..more

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