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Teaching in International Schools – Know Before You Go

by Forrest A. Broman, President of TIE

As more teachers learn of the many opportunities to teach in another country, a strong note of caution must be interjected. There are literally thousands of institutions that now call themselves "international schools." But the great majority of them represent local ventures by local entrepreneurs hoping to capitalize on the hopes of their countrymen for an international education for their children. Less than 20% of the 5,000 schools describing themselves as "international" have established a firm reputation and a demonstrated educational capacity. Nor have a large majority been accredited by a US or international organization such as The Council for International Schools (CIS). For candidates, this means that there is a huge discrepancy in the quality of schools describing themselves as international. And these discrepancies can impact teaching conditions, the reliability of contracts, and the treatment of students.

So how can a candidate know which are the established international schools, with a track record and firm ties with international organizations? There are several critical steps that a candidate should take before seriously engaging with an "international" school:

1) Go to the schools web site and carefully review their offerings and their connections.

2) Find out if the school is accredited by a US, British or international accrediting association.

3) Request a copy of the teacher's contract that they offer and review that carefully.

4) Ask for the name and email or phone contact of an international teacher currently or recently working at the school, and contact them.

5) See if the school is a member of the leading regional associations of international schools, such as NESA, ECIS, EARCOS, Tri-Association, AASSA, etc. The most prominent international schools belong to one or more of these organizations. If you are contacting or being contacted through, or The International Educator (TIE), most of these checkouts have already been accomplished. The schools that advertise and solicit candidates through TIE and have been vetted. They also represent the most prominent schools in the network, as well as new startups by prominent, responsible educators. TIE is itself celebrating 25 years of non-profit service to the leading international schools worldwide.

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05/05/2014 - Rahul
Thx for your great information abt international school hope you will give more informations
11/18/2012 - Keyara
Thank you! I'm going to a conference in February and I will be careful about who I accept interviews with and I will have my lawyer on call!
10/30/2012 - Augustine Nchukwi
I just want to verify the salary scale for teaching abroad.




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