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Purple Cake Day Raises US$18,000 for COHP

By Meadow Hilley
Purple Cake Day Raises US$18,000 for COHP

COHP students are off to a great start, thanks to Purple Cake Day and the Kenbe La Foundation.
Purple Cake Day, a charity event run by the Kenbe La Foundation Charitable Trust of New Zealand, has just announced it will make a generous US$18,000 donation to the Children of Haiti Project (COHP) this year.
These three entities have a common genesis in the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010. Kenbe La, which means “Never Give Up” in Haitian Creole, is the name Emily Sanson-Rejouis gave to the foundation she established in honor of her family, tragically claimed by the disaster. With a focus on sports, music, leadership, and entrepreneurship, the foundation provides educational opportunities to the world’s disadvantaged children and aims to develop their self-confidence and life skills.
Purple Cake Day, an annual awareness and fundraising event for the Kenbe La Foundation, encourages kids to help kids in getting the education they need to break the poverty cycle and create a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.
COHP, which shares these same principles, emerged as a natural partner for the Kenbe La Foundation and has been a beneficiary of Purple Cake Day since 2011. Established just weeks after the earthquake in an area of extreme poverty, the COHP school provides learning opportunities to children with limited or no access to formal education through the collective support and leadership of international schools, international institutions (including TIE), and individuals worldwide.
Thanks to continued support from Purple Cake Day and other partners, COHP provides 51 Haitian children ages four through seven with a full formal educational program in Creole, five days a week, in a safe, clean environment. It additionally serves cohorts of children having never attended school.
Over the past six months, the highly infectious mosquito-borne Chikungunya virus spread rapidly through the Caribbean, affecting thousands. Thirty-five COHP students and 10 members of the staff—including the school’s director, Dominique Pierre—contracted the painful virus. The school had to be closed early for the year.
Funds from Purple Cake Day have helped COHP to reopen its doors and return to its mission of nurturing each child’s intellectual, ethical, social and physical growth, with the aim that each may become a positive, contributing member of the Haitian community.
When COHP inaugurated its fifth year in September, students were sporting some of the 200 book bags donated by the 4HNYC crew of New York to the Kenbe La Foundation. This group of young professionals committed to supporting the education of Haiti’s youth raised funds for these book bags and school supplies by hosting a Helping Haiti Happy Hour.
It is by prompting fun, smart, and educational activities such as this that Purple Cake Day encourages young people to learn about their role on the planet and empowers them to take action for their peers in need.
It’s easy to “go purple”—individuals, groups, schools and businesses can all get involved in Purple Cake Day. For more information visit
Support these projects anytime through their Give A Little page, a safe, easy way to make donations with “no fees” so that 100 percent of each donation goes to the projects!
For more information on how to contribute to COHP, see

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