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Sunday, 9 May 2021

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Interested in Teaching Overseas?


If you’re thinking about teaching overseas or just curious, watch this fun, light-hearted video and discover the possibilities that await you.

You’ll get a glimpse into some of the international schools in the TIE network and take a colorful tour of the various regions where you could be teaching and calling home. Whether you’re exploring the mountain ranges of South America, living in Asia and taking your kids on a yak ride, or exploring fairytale castles in Europe – teaching overseas gives you a world of excitement and life-changing professional opportunities that you’ll treasure for a lifetime!

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10/17/2020 - Teacher
I am looking forward to teach abroad especially in Canada and USA.
10/17/2020 - Teacher
I am looking forward to teach abroad especially in Canada and USA.
02/07/2020 - Pte Exams
What a superb post! I have no words to describe this post because everthing is clear with your wonderfull words. I really feel out of world reading your post, it is full of fresh and usefull. I really appreciate, keep the work continue.
03/16/2018 - CN
Hi Tracey,
You certainly sound qualified to me! Great educational credentials and teaching experience so you would be a wonderful candidate for teaching overseas. I encourage you to get started. GO to our homepage and click the subscribe link so that you can begin your journey!
03/16/2018 - Cindy
Hi Nat,
Thank you for your interest. We definitely have many positions available for teachers like you in UAE and Morocco. There are some schools that will require certification while others will allow your decade long experience to suffice.
If you are interested in subscribing to TIE go to the home page and hit the subscribe button.

If you have nay questions, or need further assistance, we'd be happy to help!

03/15/2018 - Tracey
I have a diploma in Special Education. I have being teaching at a Primary (Elementary) school for 6 years now. I just did my Bachelor in Primary Education. would I be qualified to teach in the Caribbean or any other country. I am a Jamaican.
12/03/2017 - Nat
This film was very informative. I have a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education with professional development courses in the areas of elementary, special, reading, and multi-cultural education. I have 11 years of teaching experience in several capacities and interested in schools in Morocco and United Arab Emirates at this time. Also, I am interested in schools who are interested in candidates who have appropriate amount of teaching experience without certification. Thank you & looking forward to your advice.
07/24/2017 - Karloz
I just finished my TEFL course and seeking a teaching post abroad. I would like some information on how to apply.

Thank you
05/06/2017 - bobbicat
I am currently teaching at a college. I am obtaining my bachelor of arts in adult education. I have been teaching for 2 years. I would love to teach abroad. do you have short term contracts or one would have to teach yearly contracts
please advise

thanking you in advance

01/18/2017 - Kavitha
I am lecturer in maths, I am interested to work in european countries and america as a secondary teacher/Lecturer, which certificate course is need to complete? Is it any universal certification course is there to teach in any countries please guide me.
12/21/2016 - Mandeep Kaur
I am working as Headmistress in a primary school in India and have fourteen years of experience.I would like to work in Canada as an educator.I am very enthusiastic and
passionate for my work.

Hope for the best.

With regards
04/17/2016 - Livingstone Mudau

I am a High School Educator majoring in Geography and History. I am excellent in English communication( Spoken and Written) I hold a degree and two post graduate qualification in Education and Management. I have eight (8) years teaching experience. I have great passion for teaching.

This is the ideal time for me to get International exposure of teaching at the International School. My passport is blank and more than ready to take the flight and explore the globe in the name of educating the world.

I will be thrilled if you can revert back to me in due course.

Livingstone Mudau
04/13/2016 - Deidre
I am 58 years of age , I am a Special Needs teacher and I am very interested in teaching overseas., I know there are age restrictions in some countries what are my chances of gaining apposition?
07/28/2015 - Cindy
To Dan,

Maybe it's time you start focusing on your dream. If you want to teach why not start getting certified so you can launch your career?

Best of Luck!

07/27/2015 - Dan Yan
I have worked for HP and Microsoft as a vendor staff in the past 5 years, to be a teacher is my dream when I was a Child.
04/06/2015 - hello
Can Indians apply for teaching jobs in South America?

03/02/2015 - behnaz
I have 6 years experiences in teaching math , now I live in Malaysia , I m a student in master of math education , am I qualified teach in an international school or not ?

12/05/2014 - widza
I am a Zimbabwean holding a Diploma in Education with majors in English, Bachelor of Education with majors in Environmental Science and currently I am about to finish my Masters in Educational Philosophy. I am also teaching in Botswana and this is my 15th year in the profession. I wish to join the international schools overseas. how do I get assisted
12/01/2014 - Kayla
My boyfriend is from Scotland with an honours degree and would like to go through the process to become a Physical Education teacher in Chicago. What requirements, postgrad, or certification would he have to take in order to do this ?
11/15/2014 - Ability
I am a bachelor degree holder in french. I have taught for about 18 years. Am I qualified to teach in Canada?
10/22/2014 - Marie
I am an Alberta university almost-graduate and I was just wondering how the curriculum changes abroad, specifically for English Language Arts? How much emphasis is there on my subject area in other countries? And, is there as great a focus on Canadian literature? I know the requirement here is for at least 1/3 of all texts to be Canadian, but I don't know how this transfers to international schools.
Thank you so much!
09/29/2014 - MDJ
I have two Bachelor degrees, one in Business/Computer Information systems and one in German/Political Science. I have a State Teaching certification in Elementary Education for Florida. I also have a TEFL certificate. I have 6 years of ESL teaching experience.

Can anyone give me an idea of what my chances will be for getting into an international school? Any advice?

09/15/2014 - Cindy
Hi Mike,

Yes your 20+ years experience as a translator and ESL teaching experience would be valued by international schools.

The best way to start is to subscribe to TIE on the homepage of this site and begin entering your resume on our online resume template. Once complete, it will be featured in our Resume Bank viewed by international school heads looking to hire. At the same time you will be able to view all the jobs at international schools and apply to them directly.

This is the quickest way to kick-start your career.

09/14/2014 - Mike
I am 54. I am a graduated English-Spanish sworn traslator, I have 22 year teaching experience. I have taught English as a foreign language at primary, secondary and University level. Should I be a good candidate?
How do I start. What steps Should I have to take?
09/05/2014 - Cindy
Thank you for the positive feedback!

For anyone who wants to teach overseas at an international school, the quickest way to get started is to subscribe to TIE and you will immediately be able to see all the positions available, apply to them directly, and post your resume in our resume bank which is viewed by school heads looking to hire.

And a note to Gwen . . . for many locations and schools you won't even miss the comforts of home because the facilities and accommodations are excellent!

If you go to the homepage of this site simply click subscribe today and you'll be on your way!
09/05/2014 - Carol Atsave
This was a great video! Very informative and very helpful!
I have been tutoring English to Chinese students here in my home. I understand now what is best to use with my younger students who can read English and speak a little English, but do not understand me when I speak English. Thank you for these wonderful tips!
Carol Atsave
09/05/2014 - Gwen
I would love to teach somewhere exotic. However, I do enjoy my home comforts.
09/04/2014 - kelly
Good job TIE
I am interested in being a teacher in your network
How do I start this great career opportunity and are steps to take
I am graduate with diploma in computer science
06/12/2014 - Peggie
I am a deaf educator from Kenya. I am currently a graduate student at Gallaudet University.

I have been thinking of becoming an International teacher of the deaf. I hope TIE has one. I will be grateful if I can find a position because teaching diverse deaf children to exchange culture has been my dream career.
Thank you.
05/18/2014 - Me-Ann
Thank you for this much needed boost to explore the world and reach out to others through teaching. I would like to be one. God bless TIE.

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