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Honour All Learning: Why a Coalition?

An interview with highschool students
By Conrad Hughes
Honour All Learning: Why a Coalition?

Conrad Hughes investigates the question of alternative transcripts and how schools can design systems to allow for a more inclusive learning environment. The podcasts are made up of interviews with students, principals, and thought leaders from around the world.

In his first episode, Conrad outlines some of the issues facing students at the end of high school. Join a discussion with 17-year-old students Meghna and Laeticia. This points to the reasons why a coalition to reform high school is needed.


Conrad Hughes (PhD, EdD) designs and implements educational systems for the future. He is Campus and Secondary Principal at the International School of Geneva, La Grande Boissière, the oldest international school in the world where he also teaches philosophy. Conrad is a member of the advisory board for the University of the People and research assistant at the University of Geneva’s department of psychology and education, teaches philosophy. 

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