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Grade Three Urban Engineers

By Alfredo Papaseit
Grade Three Urban Engineers

During this integrated Unit of Study, Grade 3 students at Saigon South International School learned about engineering and design within a unit that focuses on organizations, systems and community change. Students had to imagine, plan, design and build solutions to address problems they identified within their neighborhood’s systems.
This project introduced students to the engineering and design cycle in the context of an urban engineering project. SSIS students were introduced to the fundamentals of circuitry, sensor technology and electronic systems with LittleBits, and learned the importance of the design cycle when engineering and prototyping a solution.
Students also used their knowledge of persuasive writing and speech to pitch their ideas to representatives from the Phu My Hung Corporation, our neighborhood actual urban developers.
The unit development was structured and planned by Alfredo Papaseit (Technology Coach) and Allison Ruttger (Grade 3 lead) in collaboration with many team members: teachers, coaches, specialist subject teachers, administrators, etc.
The unit was designed with a focus on real world, current issues, creativity and innovation. The project was showcased on the LittleBits website, check it out!
Alfredo Papaseit is the Technology Coach at Saigon South International School.

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