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The Bavarian International School e.V. Promotes Entrepreneurship Among Pupils

BIS also offers an exclusive business workshop with professionals in the fall break
By Diana Wardyn

In cooperation with the renowned Standford University of California, Bavarian International School e.V. is organizing a "Summer Business Academy" for all students who are interested in the development of business ideas.
The English-language workshop, held from 30.10. - 03.11.2017 in the Schloss Haimhausen, is for at 11 to 15-year-olds who want to prove their entrepreneur spirit. The economic partners of the so-called "Camp BizSmart" are international companies such as Google, automotive manufacturer Tesla, US space company SpaceX, innovation-makers Spark Labs and the Swiss battery charger Battere.
"Camp BizSmart" was is one of the "most unique" camps for students of this kind, according to the American news station CNN. Using the "Learn-Do-Check-Act" learning model developed by General Electric, the students are supervised by BIS and Standford University teachers. In an interactive, fun and pragmatic way, the young people are shown how the world's leading Silicon Valley companies are developing business ideas and transforming them into consumer goods or services that are attractive to the end-user.
The participants learn the systematic elaboration of an individual business idea: From the market and competition analysis to design development to the development of prototypes, financing plans and sales and marketing concepts - the A-Z of a business model is worked out within a competition. In addition, the students learn about the ways of working in companies: team building, conflict resolution, decision making, business ethics and presentation techniques.
Each participant is assigned to a business team and become a leader of the individual department - such as: management, marketing, distribution or finance. Together, five business days will be held on new business models. On the new Tesla electric car or a SpaceX project.
Finally, the individual teams present their business ideas ahead of their competitors on 03.11.2017 at 14:00 and who knows, perhaps your child is co-inventor of the next Google advertising campaign?
"Camp BizSmart" at the BIS Schloss Haimhausen
For more information, contact Dr. Rohan Skene, Deputy Headmaster, Bavarian International School e.V., e-mail:, phone: +49 8133 917 274

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