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Western Academy of Beijing Offers Interactive Robotic Tours

By Chris Clark
Western Academy of Beijing Offers Interactive Robotic Tours

As expat families prepare to move to a new country, the inability to tour and see potential international schools is a difficult obstacle—until now.
Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) is the first international school to offer interactive robotic tours that put families in control of their school visit. “K2–12,” the WAB robot’s adopted moniker, puts prospective parents and students in the driver’s seat of their school tour, no matter where they are in the world.
“K2–12 is an innovative tool for prospective parents and students to explore our school in a customized tour and interact with our community as if they were actually here,” said WAB’s Director of Communications and Advancement Suzi Roberts. “It can also support learning in the classroom with guest speakers and educators connecting with WAB students from anywhere in the world.”
K2–12 is a Double from Double Robotics, creators of the world’s leading telepresence robot. From the comfort of a family’s home anywhere in the world, they can use their personal computer or device to drive K2–12 anywhere on the WAB campus, including classrooms, gymnasiums, theaters, labs, studios, and more. A WAB admissions officer walks along with the robot to answer questions, and introduces families to teachers and students at the school.
“Double is an excellent tool for schools and educators to provide a way for students, parents, or faculty to be somewhere they can’t be, completely eliminating geography as a barrier,” said Sara Broyles of Double Robotics. “We look forward to seeing where WAB takes it next.”

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