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Are You Curious?

International School Leaders Gather in Barcelona for the ECIS Annual Leadership Conference
By Cynthia Nagrath, TIE Staff Writer
Are You Curious?

Barcelona - The theme of this year’s Educational Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS) annual leadership conference was Curiosity, with speakers and workshops concentrating on how to foster curiosity in the school environment. Educational leaders were challenged to inspire curiosity among all stakeholders, including students, teachers, administrators, parents, and trustees.
Ewan McIntosh, Founder and Managing Director of NoTosh, was one of the keynote speakers and challenged school leaders to emerge from their leadership bubbles where, all too often, they are consumed with putting out fires and problem-solving, leaving precious little time to explore the real challenges that teachers and students would love to take on.
NoTosh, a global consultancy firm, operates under the conviction that innovation and creativity can change the way people think, learn, and work , whether it’s as individuals, teams, organizations, or communities.
“Curiosity and its equally critical sister, moral imperative, are the heart of what makes schools innovative, fun, and dynamic learning environments,” said Bambi Betts, CEO of the Principals Training Center (PTC), a non-profit organization specializing in professional development for international school educators.
In his keynote address, McIntosh challenged international school leaders to transform their schools into creative innovative centers of thinking and action among teachers, students, and every single member of the school community. He focused on the importance of finding one’s behavioral compass.
McIntosh is also the author of How To Come Up With Great Ideas and Actually Make Them Happen and regularly writes about learning on his blog

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