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International Educators Come to Boston Area Looking for Opportunities to Teach Overseas

By Cynthia Nagrath, TIE Staff Writer
International Educators Come to Boston Area Looking for Opportunities to Teach Overseas

January 26, 2017 Cambridge, MA - Today, over 700 international educators from around the world arrived in Cambridge to attend Search Associate’s 27th annual International School Recruiting Fair.
International School Job Fair
The fair is organized by Search Associates, a recruiting organization for international schools that brings together teachers and international schools looking to hire. Crowding the lobby of the Hyatt Regency, Cambridge are nearly 500 teacher candidates making the rounds of interviews with recruiters who collectively represent 128 schools from around the world.
Speed-Dating of Job Interviews
The process has been described as the speed-dating version of job-hunting, where candidates book multiple appointments with visiting school representatives and interview back-to-back with as many as a half a dozen schools to see if there is a match.
The process is equally grueling for school recruiters who have to balance the need to see as many candidates as possible while extending offers to teachers who they feel represent the best fit for their school before those candidates accept other offers.
Great Chances of Landing a Job
This process yields results for teachers and schools, with more than half of candidates walking out with job offers. “Cambridge has one of the highest placement rates of all Search fairs with 57 percent of candidates accepting an offer last year,” said Jessica Magagna, President of Search Associates. Search holds job fairs all over the world from London to Bangkok, but the Cambridge fair is considered the flagship as it was Search’s first job fair and remains the largest to this day.
Recruiting Season is Here
This is the time of year when schools around the world are looking to hire teachers and administrators to staff their schools for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. The fair also offers workshops for candidates such as “Tips for Interviewing” and “Moving Overseas and Loving It” to prepare candidates not only for their next job interview, but for their next major life move overseas.
Who is Eligible?
Any teacher with two years’ experience and certification in his or her subject along with the ability to teach their subject in English is eligible to teach overseas.
According to Magagna, “The Cambridge fair attracts a high number of highly qualified U.S. educators looking to start their careers as international educators as well as many seasoned international educators seeking their next adventure.”
Advice for Candidates
Brittany Betts, CEO of The International Educator, an online international school recruiting service and a quarterly newspaper covering international education, says the best advice for candidates is to be flexible about where in the world they want to go and to take advantage of having all those decision makers under one roof. “This is a unique opportunity to walk out the door, not only with a job offer, but the promise of an overseas adventure that can very well be life-changing,” said Betts.
Teaching at an international school provides the opportunity to live and work overseas and enjoy excellent benefits such as free housing, often tax-free salaries, and other perks such as airfare to and from the host country. For teachers who want to continue teaching yet have a desire to travel the world, “There’s nothing quite like it,” says Betts, “The opportunities are outstanding and for any teacher looking for a change, this is as good as it gets!”
The International Educator (TIE), located in Hyannis, MA, is a non-profit organization that for over 30 years has published a quarterly newspaper dedicated to developing links among teachers and the extensive international schools network around the world. TIE’s online portal, is a service to help teachers find thousands of positions at international schools worldwide.

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