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ASD's outreach to Arusha

By Chi-Yan Shang
ASD's outreach to Arusha

The American School of Doha (ASD) supports numerous adopted school projects around the world. Many of these projects are aimed at both providing opportunities for ASD students and teachers to become positive, active, global citizens and also supporting education and gender equality in the countries which host these projects.
One of the ASD’s most extensive projects is at the St. Pius School in Arusha, Tanzania. In addition to being a part of one of the ASD’s learning service trips where students assist in the expansion of the school, building new classrooms, and leading learning enrichment activities such as arts and crafts, sports and music, ASD students and staff have also taken an active role in providing opportunities for teacher development and continuing education at St. Pius.
For the second year running, the ASD Parent Teacher Association (PTA) fully funded the cost of sending an ASD teacher to provide teacher in-servicing at St. Pius as one of their charitable initiatives. Dr. Timothy Coble returned to Arusha this past week to continue providing training in gender based differentiation. This aligns very closely with the St. Pius School’s goal of furthering the education of girls in the region and improving the quality of education in general. It is hoped that this endeavor will continue well into the future as it was very well received by the St. Pius staff on both occasions.
In addition to this, ASD students have started a scholarship program for members of the St. Pius Community, whether it be teachers, alumni or residents in the area to allow them to further or continue their education beyond the secondary level, one of the glass ceilings in educational development. ASD student S. Lowe, took the lead in this initiative and has been working to fundraise to allow one of the St. Pius School teachers, Adelina Alex (Adela) to continue her education at the university level.
Due to a combination of low wages and a high cost of living, tertiary education is beyond the reach of most students as access to loans and other similar support is very limited, as was discovered by Lowe when she started working with Adela to research options. Currently, different student service groups at ASD including Girl Up!, the Global Issues Club and a number of IB CAS Projects are collaborating to help fully fund Adela’s university tuition.
This focus on education is key to many of the ASD’s overseas service projects as it is their hallmark to help empower communities to become self-sustaining. The ASD also aligns all of its learning service opportunities to at least one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with Quality Education, being one that is heavily emphasized.
Chi-Yan Shang is IB CAS Coordinator at the American School of Doha.

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