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Trade Mission Highlights China’s Education Technology Successes

By Anne Keeling
Trade Mission Highlights China’s Education Technology Successes

Chinese primary and secondary schools are moving into a new era of technology; one that is helping them to take learning in new directions. The adoption of education technology is helping students to develop new skills and learning approaches that are preparing them well for the learning requirements of universities overseas. This move is being led by the growing number of private bilingual schools throughout China, and international schools accessible to local Chinese children.
Last week, a trade mission from the United Kingdom to Beijing and Shanghai promoted successes within education technology already happening in schools in China. The Education Is Great trade mission brought together some of the best Chinese schools and British edtech suppliers.
Also taking place in China this September was the Smart City Expo 2016 in Ningbo which attracted over 300 information technology enterprises from the United States, Britain and around the world. The companies demonstrated a wide range of advanced technologies to delegates from the China Ministry of Education as well as leading educationalists. Many of these smart solutions are now being used within education around the world, including intelligent data management systems, 5G wireless network, and virtual reality.
British-based WCBS attended the Smart City Expo and participated in the trade mission. The company is already delivering bilingual information management solutions to some schools in China.
One example of this is HD Ningbo School, part of the Elite K12 Group, based in Zhejiang province. During the past twelve months, the school has introduced an information management system by WCBS that enables student performance to be recorded, tracked and reported entirely by bilingual software. This is enabling the school to provide clear understanding of individual student progress, and transparency to everyone within the school community, including its parents.
“The ability to have the system in both languages is really important for us,” said Deputy Headmaster at HD Ningbo, Will Percy. “We need everybody within our school to access data and contribute to the documents that drive our ability to help students. That shouldn't be blocked by language, especially in a bilingual school like we are,” he added. As a result, teachers at HD Ningbo can access and view the academic software in either Chinese or English, and parents can do the same through a parent portal. “This is helping us all to focus on what we can do to shape our school culture and to put each student on the right learning path,” said Will.

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