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Teachers Like to Play Too

By Robb Hoiseth
Teachers Like to Play Too

On a Thursday morning, I arrived at school wearing the traditional blue American School of Doha polo and tan khakis, the outfit our students are required to wear when traveling for sports events and activity weekends. My 8th graders were confused, as there weren’t any planned MESAC tournaments that weekend. What was I doing?
I told them some of their teachers were off to Dubai to play the American School of Dubai and the American Community School of Abu Dhabi teachers in basketball—sort of an unofficial sports tournament, only for teachers. They thought that was pretty cool.
Organized by Shawn Plancke of AS Doha, Thomas Lambert of AS Dubai, and Brent Raven of ACS Abu Dhabi, this was what we hope will be the First Annual Teachers’ Basketball Tournament.
Thanks to The American School of Dubai for hosting a fun weekend of sport and comradeship. Even with a bunch of middle-aged guys running up and down the court, great fun was had by all, no one got hurt, and there were plenty of laughs at brunch after the game.
We all agreed it was a great activity and we hope to host this event next year. Fellow teachers: contact your local international schools and challenge them to a game of ball!
The American School of Doha

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