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Alssonians Earn High Achiever Awards

By Malak Fateen
Alssonians Earn High Achiever Awards

El Alsson School had the honor of attending the annual High Achiever Awards ceremony held by the British Council Egypt and Pearson Edexcel, while commemorating Edexcel’s 25 years in Egypt. The celebration took place on Wednesday, 17 February at the British Embassy in Cairo.
Co-hosted by John Casson, British Ambassador to Egypt; Jeff Streeter, Director of the British Council in Egypt; and Ahmed Ismail, Director of Pearson Egypt, the ceremony celebrated the academic achievements of secondary school learners in the 2015 Edexcel IGCSE exams.
El Alsson achieved the highest number of awards out of all the schools in Egypt—an achievement that was publicly recognized onstage in front of the Ambassador and the invited audience. It was especially pleasing to hear parents from other schools commenting on what a good school El Alsson must be!
Nada Abdelhalim and Zeina Bashnfr raised the bar to achieve the Highest International Marks in both Art and Design and French. That means they got the highest marks in the world for these Edexcel International exams! Not only that, but they also managed to awe us by achieving the Highest Marks in Egypt in English Literature and History. Mira Shaker and Mariam Saleh shared the Highest Marks in Egypt with Nada and Zeina in both Art and Design and French.
The Highest Mark in Egypt for Business Studies was achieved by Omar Barakat. Sherin Abdel Ghaffar achieved the Highest Mark in Egypt in Chemistry. Hussein Abdel Latif achieved the Highest Mark in Egypt in Further Mathematics (Advanced Level), and Hussein El Ghazaly also achieved the Highest Mark in Egypt in Advanced GCE Mathematics. Physics and Statistics were not left out, as our own Aly Shafik and Mostafa Mortada achieved the Highest Mark in Egypt in those subjects. Moreover, Omar Hamouda awed us with his Highest Mark in Egypt in Italian.
All in all, El Alsson ranked either top in Egypt or top in the world in no less than 11 subjects! These achievements are a testament to our excellent students, the dedicated teachers who believed in them, and the full support of their parents. It is with great pride that we congratulate them and wish them a bright future ahead. Looking forward to more of the same next year!

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