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Special Education at American School of The Hague

By Lesley Murphy

Special Education offers students with a wide range of learning, physical or social problems the opportunity to receive attention from fully trained Special Education teachers. Enabling the students to fully access the curriculum appropriate to their age and development level, the Special Education teachers assist students in integrating into mainstream classes with their peers, rather than spend their school day separated from the other students in their grade level.
The demand for Special Education is increasing worldwide, and with families looking to relocate for work reasons, the requirement for international schools to meet the educational needs of their children comes first. The Special Education program at American School of The Hague (ASH), has developed a worldwide reputation as one of the leaders in providing this service to students of all ages and forms part of the school’s Mission: to be inclusive and to provide a high-quality education to all types of learners.
Students within the ASH Special Education program may have intellectual disabilities, characterized by significant limitations in intellectual functioning and/or everyday social and practical skills. The Special Education program provides an individualized education for each student that includes integration time with peers and access to the general education curriculum; specially designed instruction in core areas; and development of social, daily living, and vocational skills as they join their peers in classes or on school trips and fully integrate into the school community. However, the learning is twofold. Staff and students have come to understand more about diversity and what it means to be a fully integrated school. The Special Education students have a real impact on the school and help shape the culture of the student body.
The Special Education program at ASH began in the 2013–2014 school year with a Middle School Special Education class and has since proved so successful in its first two years that the program was extended to the High School in August 2015. As the students make progress each day to become independent and contributing members of the community, ASH is in the process of implementing a new Elementary School Special Education class for the 2016–2017 school year. This will allow ASH to offer a complete Special Education program, which is the key to becoming a truly inclusive school.

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09/24/2018 - Irina
Thank you for an interesting and actual article. We also recently published an article about EdTech platform for Inclusive Education in our blog too. Check this out if you are interested.



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