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Kids Help Kids Thanks to Purple Cake Day

By Paul Dodge
Kids Help Kids Thanks to Purple Cake Day

Emily Sanson’s humanitarian aid work took her around the world. Faced with her toughest challenge she started Purple Cake Day – so kids can help bring hope and education to children globally.
The creative and colorful kids' charity kicked off its fundraising year in March, where thousands of preschool, primary, and secondary students "go purple" to raise money for children in Haiti, Nepal, and Kenya. But, the unique thing about this charity is that it is the kids who are taking the lead.
We caught up with Emily to find out how "kids helping kids" is, helping kids!
What makes Purple Cake Day stand out?
I think Purple Cake Day is unique in the way we have fun and support our children in their ideas of how to help and why this is important. We have been amazed with what they come up with on their own. How they demonstrate thoughtful and considered actions.
What is a Purple Cake Day?
We go purple, we dress up, we make purple flags of hope, we do face painting, sing songs, learn about other children around the world, we celebrate children and turn everything purple. It gives children the opportunity to express themselves in innovative, original and fun ways, but most importantly it is also a chance for children to learn about generosity, compassion and an awareness of children less fortunate than themselves.
How have kids become involved?
Once they have been introduced to the idea, kids have been taking the lead in fundraising and celebration. I’m always deeply moved when a teacher sends a video of a class dressed in purple, learning about kids in other countries. Or when 9-year old Bella emailed to say she had decided to give up her Christmas presents, and instead give them to the students at the Children of Haiti Project who she had learned about through Purple Cake Day. That one act of kindness and generosity inspired an amazing knock-on of support for the school. The generosity in our children can be contagious.
Skylar is another great example. As a Year 8 student, she chose to support Purple Cake Day because it was 'children helping children'. Skylar and her friends persuaded their whole year to participate in a school purple hat day and cupcake stall, which well exceeded their personal fundraising goal of $1000.
Who does Purple Cake Day support?
We concentrate on helping three transformative, trusted, hands-on projects, bringing quality education to children living in poverty in Haiti, Nepal and Kenya. The Children of Haiti Project for instance is very close to our hearts. It was one of the first projects we supported and we are continually inspired by the amazing work they are doing.
Why a purple cake?
The purple cake has become a symbol for creativity. If you can think of an idea that inspires you (no matter how crazy it might sound), then go for it! This symbol has motivated children to literally bake and sell purple cakes, but also to fundraise doing other things they love – like, organise a “wheels” day for their school, kayak a coastline, brave a mountain bike trail, or hold a fashion show (all in purple of course)! Read more about the founder's story here.
How can we get involved?
A purple cake day event can be as straightforward as you like. Some schools simply hold a purple mufti day and cake stall. Others organise a week of fundraising and learning activities. Remember, Purple Cake Day is not just about cakes – it's about kids helping kids around the world!
Watch this video for some fun ways to get involved.
Find out more about Purple Cake Day and their projects here.

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