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Awty Student Creates and Launches App

By Gwen R. Cario
Awty Student Creates and Launches App

Rustin Rassoli, a junior at The Awty International School and an entrepreneur in the making, created and launched his own mobile app, Greetale.
Greetale, which can be opened on any iOS device, allows you to send free digital cards to anyone you like. What makes Rassoli’s app unique from other greeting card apps is that you can personalize the cards with your own handwriting.
“I feel that the point of greeting cards is to have your own handwriting inside them, and that’s why I created this app,” stated Rassoli.
The idea for the greeting card app came to him on his mother’s birthday when she received a card from her cousin.
“My mom placed the card on our kitchen counter,” remarked Rassoli. “I thought to myself that this doesn’t happen often when it should. I thought that if I could make the process of sending greeting cards a lot faster and easier, I could put a lot smiles on people’s faces.”
Using Greetale, you can send your cards digitally for free or send a printed cards for just $3. Rassoli hopes to use proceeds to expand the app across different platforms (e.g. Android) and pay artists to design more cards. The cards currently available on Greetale are designed by Jill Peterson, a student at Rochester Institute of Technology.
Greetale is Rassoli’s third app. He bought two others as an investment when he turned 15.
“This is the first app and company I built from the ground up,” stated Rassoli. “Apps are just the beginning for me. Apps have a low cost of entry and easiest distribution among the Silicon Valley startups, so I thought that in high school, they are what I will focus on and do best.”

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