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KICS Participates in Worldwide Event

Mr. Ahmed
KICS Participates in Worldwide Event

Nas with Notepads was founded in 2011 by a group of six young adults brought together by their shared love for poetry and spoken word. In an effort to share this love and build a community, the group created a forum that not only gave young poets the opportunity to express themselves freely, but also the platform and tools to discover, showcase, and develop their talent. Moreover, Nas with Notepads strives to introduce a different image of Sudan to the world; an image that exudes creativity, innovation, and positivity.
Khartoum International Community School (KICS) has been proud to partner with Nas with Notepads for some years, a relationship that has emphasized our collective commitment to the power of poetry and self-expression.
Currently, Nas with Notepads holds monthly poetry and spoken word events in different venues around Khartoum but mainly at Villa Toubia in Alamarat area. These events are unique in their small size and intimate setup, making for a comfortable, cozy atmosphere for both performers and audience alike.
Nas with Notepads also offers learning opportunities for both aspiring and seasoned poets under its WORDshop pro-gram. The WORDshop is – as it sounds – a workshop that addresses the ins-and-outs of poetry and spoken word. This informal learning circle serves as an exchange of ideas and knowledge between its participants, encouraging the idea that every individual, no matter their age or level of experience, has something valuable to offer.
100 Thousand Poets for Change
Founded in 2010 by Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion, 100 Thousand Poets (and Musicians) for Change is a grass-roots educational organization that promotes the arts, particularly poetry, literature, and music. Their activity centers on an annual worldwide poetry event – the largest of its kind – that takes place every September in cities across the globe.
These events are without a set structure, providing each individual organizer the freedom to present an event that is original and perhaps unique to their area of the country or world. The only requirement is that the event content focus on the theme of change, a theme that may encompass many topics that are left to the discretion of the individual organizer or poet.
At its launch in 2011, 700 events were successfully organized in 550 cities, garnering enough attention to be noticed by Stanford University, which has offered to archive all documentation, audiovisual and otherwise, that may be posted on the 100 Thousand Poets (and Musicians) for Change website.
100 Thousand Poets (and Musicians) for Change – Khartoum
2015 will mark the 5th year that 100 TPC takes place, and the 3rd year that Sudan will participate in this worldwide event, through the efforts of Nas with Notepads . This experience should prove to help bolster a new and positive image of Sudan.
This event, taking place on September 26, 2015 from 8:00 to 11:30 pm in KICS’ amphitheater, will consist of a prerehearsed series of poetry and spoken word by some of Nas with Notepads’ most skilled performers, and will be live streamed on the 100 TPC website. The estimated number of attendees is 470 people.
For more information about 100,000 Poets for Change, click here.
For more information about Nas with Notepads, click here.

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