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TIE Now Accepting Articles for December Issue

By Meadow Hilley, TIE Editor
TIE Now Accepting Articles for December Issue

We at TIE welcome a broad range of submissions, much as we seek to provide a strong, representative offering of subjects and viewpoints in each issue of The International Educator newspaper.
We encourage heads, teachers, students, and other staff to submit stories on any topic relevant to the international education community. For example, we encourage you to send us your school news—write-ups about your big events, your achievements, your vision—as well as articles and opinion pieces on curriculum and instructional strategies, professional development, counseling, community involvement initiatives, student projects, etc. While hardly exhaustive, here is a list of possible topics:
school news:
• big events
• awards and outstanding achievements
• expansion and development
curriculum and pedagogy:
• curriculum development
• instructional strategies
• technology in the classroom
• project-based learning
• inquiry-based learning
• competency-based learning
• self-directed learning
• blended learning
• flipped instruction
• inclusive classrooms
• whole child approaches
• special needs
• early childhood
• gifted and advanced
• IB issues
• the arts
• language instruction/ESL
• homework…
• fostering innovation/honoring tradition
• testing and education policy
• learning management systems
• financial issues
• legal issues
• safety and security
• accreditation
• feedback, assessment, and performance evaluation
• planning…
professional development:
• conferences
• continued learning
• collaboration with colleagues
• best practices
• fostering leadership…
• social responsibility and community engagement initiatives
• collaborative projects
• student initiatives
• greening the campus
• community building efforts
• parent partnership…
• third-culture issues
• transitions
• race, gender, and class
• ethical dilemmas
• college and career readiness
• issues specific to the international school setting…
health and wellbeing:
• student safety
• nutrition
• play, sport, recreation
• managing crises…
Please note the following points regarding submissions to TIE:
- Format: kindly submit your work as a Microsoft Word file, by email, to [email protected] or [email protected]. Suggested word count is 800 words maximum, unless by prior agreement.
- Deadlines: TIE is published four times per year, in early October, December, February and April (in addition to the jobs-only summer supplement). We therefore encourage submissions on a rolling basis, and will endeavor to publish reader contributions as soon as possible, given the limitations stated above. If your submission is time-sensitive (announcements, news items) and should be considered for publication in the next issue, send it in by the first of the month preceding the issue in question: by 1 September for the October issue, by 1 November for the December issue, and so on.
- Photographs: We are always on the lookout for high-quality, attractive images from around the world. Please ensure that any photographs you send us are in their original size, that they are of sufficiently high resolution to be usable for print purposes, namely 266 dpi or above, and that they include captions.
We look forward to reading you!
[email protected]

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