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KAS Students Win World Affairs Prize

By Shanna Hurt
KAS Students Win World Affairs Prize

The Advanced Placement Human Geography class from Karachi American School (KAS) won this year’s World Affairs Challenge (WAC), focused on the theme “The Gender Gap.” The challenge asked students to research the topic and propose solutions.
The WAC competition includes a global current events quiz, a collaborative questioning seminar, and the creation of a 10-minute documentary. The KAS team won the global current events quiz. In the collaborative questioning seminar, students were given a prompt and had 45 minutes to come up with a solution. This year’s prompt dealt with the Ebola crisis and the role women play in helping to bury the dead. One KAS student scored close to perfect on that portion.
The last part of the challenge consisted of a 10-minute documentary. KAS students interviewed people in Pakistan about the gender gap and gender issues, concluding that the gap would only be lessened with more education.
The World Affairs Challenge is sponsored by Regis University and the Center for Teaching International Relations. This is the first year that international teams were able to participate.
“The World Affairs Challenge is dedicated to developing tomorrow’s global leaders. With mentoring, education, and competition, WAC facilitates middle-school and high-school passion and learning about world affairs. WAC engages youth to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. WAC students move from awareness to action while learning to think critically, collaborate, communicate, and grow human capacity.”
The KAS team received a US$500 grant, which it donated to Depilex Smile Again Foundation, an organization helping women who have been injured by their families in acid attacks in Pakistan.

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