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ISC-Lahore Students Shine at 2014 EdEqual Math Challenge

By Ada Renan
ISC-Lahore Students Shine at 2014 EdEqual Math Challenge

One hundred and fifty students from the International School of Choueifat – Lahore (ISC-Lahore) in Pakistan recently competed in the EdEqual Math Challenge.
The ISC–Lahore team, comprised of students in grades 3–11, competed against 7,000 students from 40 schools in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, and were awarded 2nd and 5th place nationwide for their efforts.
To prepare for the competition, ISC–Lahore’s Math Department coordinated with EdEqual and arranged to have 18 computers set up in the school’s library so students could practice in-house. Students in grades 3–11 with a math average above 90 percent were selected and took part in training sessions held at the school a few days before the start of the competition.
In September and October 2014, the EdEqual Math Challenge tested students online on their problem solving and analytical skills in math over three rounds. After Round 1, the top scorers from each class were divided into three groups: the primary team (grades 3 to 6), the middle team (grades 7 to 9), and the secondary team (grades 10 and 11).
The ISC–Lahore teams then proceeded on to Round 2 and competed against other schools in Lahore, with the primary team ranking first, and the secondary team ranking second. Both the primary and secondary teams qualified for Round 3 and the final nationwide round against teams from Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. The teams’ efforts and teamwork were well rewarded: ISC–Lahore’s primary team secured second place nationwide and the secondary team secured the fifth spot.
One ISC–Lahore eighth-grade participant expressed the positive effect the competition had on him. “My experience with the EdEqual [Math] Competition was very noteworthy. The experience was of a lifetime because it helped me boost my confidence immensely. Competitions held in school are daunting, no doubt, but nothing compares to a competition held at a national scale. I had the chance to meet students from all over the country and to shine.” He went on to add, “I eagerly look forward to participating in similar competitions and to making a difference in my school and to doing even better next time.”
As soon as the winning teams receive the trophies and plaques from EdEqual, ISC–Lahore plans to organize a special appreciation day to celebrate and honor the students’ achievements and recognize their efforts during the competition.
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