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Hisar School’s Mamma Mia! Rocks Istanbul

By Helin Aladaglioglu
Hisar School’s Mamma Mia! Rocks Istanbul

The student performance of Mamma Mia! drew huge crowds (photo: Hisar).
Hisar students aged between 11 and 18 staged Catherine Johnson’s jukebox musical Mamma Mia! on May 18–20, 2014 at the Hisar Arts and Culture Center in Istanbul.
Based on themes from a selection of toe-tapping ABBA songs, the musical follows the story of Sophie Sheridan, who is trying to uncover the identity of her father. She sends out secret wedding invitations to three of her mother’s ex-lovers, as well as to her mother, Donna. The latter is surprised to find three old flames on her doorstep at the Sheridan’s Taverna on the Turkish island of Bozcaada.
The audience shared the excitement of the wedding with Sophie and Donna during two exhilarating hours of music and dance. The musical was a middle and high school student production with 19 actors and actresses, six students backstage, and seven students on vocals.
The production featured live music performed by Hisar’s music department and consisted of 15 songs with choreography. The musical played full house to an audience of 700 people over three nights.

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