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All Shook Up at SCIS

By Monica Murphy
All Shook Up at SCIS

Students from Shanghai Community International School performing the musical “All Shook Up!” last March, a sort of Elvis-meets-Shakespeare mashup featuring a live band, 20 songs, and 18 scene changes (photo: SCIS).
Shanghai Community International School (SCIS), Pudong Campus was proud to present “All Shook Up!”, a rock ‘n’ roll musical set entirely to Elvis Presley hits.
“All Shook Up!” tells the story of small-town America, where fun times have been put to an end with the Mamie Eisenhower Decency Act: no tight pants, loud music, dancing, or public necking is allowed. But when roving roustabout Chad drives into town on his motorcycle, things get all shook up.
Based on Shakespeare’s romantic comedy Twelfth Night, this classic tale of hidden identities, love, and rivalry stars Chad, who stirs the hearts of all the young ladies.
When Chad casts his eyes on a woman who is way out of his league, even the frighteningly strict Mayor Matilda Hyde can’t stop him from falling in love.
The March production featured a live band and full-scale choreography. The band learned over 20 complete songs plus 18 different scene changes in a few short months of rehearsal; hidden behind the set, they sounded so great that many audience members mistook them for professionals.
The musical also featured nine choreographed ensemble dances and plenty of songs performed by students ranging from grades 6 through 12.
Over 50 students participated by painting sets, running sound and lights, joining stage crew, and of course acting, dancing, and singing.

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