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About TIE

The International Educator

TIE acts as a marketplace for international education. It provides a venue where schools can advertise in the newspaper, post their vacancies online, and actively search through the resume bank for teachers and administrators. Educators can read the newspaper for its original articles and advice for teachers, counselors and administrators, and obtain personal news, and information tailored to the international school market. Candidates can look through hundreds of jobs postings in The International Educator newspaper, search online vacancies for teaching abroad or receive them via email.  Additionally, TIE allows candidates to post their resumes online and notify schools of their interest immediately while browsing.

The International Educator (TIE) is conducted under a non-profit organization with 501 (c)(3) status, called the Overseas Schools Assistance Corporation (OSAC). TIE aims to match the best educators with the best international schools around the world and to provide educational ideas, advice and practices that are useful and valuable for international schools and their staffs.  TIE also serves to link together the international education community through sharing school, professional, and personal news. TIE works to spread information about the vast global network of English-speaking schools to as many qualified teachers as possible so they will be aware of this vibrant world community and the numerous job opportunities that exist.

Since its founding in1986, TIE has been the most comprehensive service for securing a job in an international school. The international Educator is distributed in over 650 international schools around the world where it is a trusted resource in the schools’ libraries, faculty lounges, and administrative offices.

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