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Every year, KIS International School in Bangkok, Thailand offers a scholarship to a deserving young refugee. And as KIS teacher Peter Carlson observes, there are numerous benefits to supporting genuine socioeconomic diversity. ..>> more
In a "South-South" cultural exchange program between Ghana and Colombia, families from an Accra international school saw an opportunity to help. ..>> more
Students from Kaohsiung American School, Taiwan Skype their way into a recent discovery of early hominid bones in South Africa, led by The University of the Witwatersrand and National Geographic. ..>> more
One of Sudan’s “lost boys” challenged the M’KIS community to change the world with him. And they did, raising US$10,000 to build wells in South Sudan. ..>> more


Teachers who are looking for a change of pace, or just feel like they are getting into a dull routine, might want to consider teaching overseas. Many teachers wonder if they are qualified because they may never have worked, taught, or even traveled abroad, and concerns about language requirements consistently surface. ..>> more
According to a recent survey released by The International Educator (TIE), which asked about hiring restrictions at international schools, over 65% of the 176 school heads interviewed reported that their school’s host country does not have age restrictions for issuing a work visa. Of the 28% of respondents who did report restrictions by their host country, the mandatory cut-off was almost equally split between ages 60 and 65. ..>> more
Not all international schools follow the same curriculum and with thousands of international schools located around the world, there are a variety of systems designed to service the various expatriate constituencies. There are American, Canadian, British and the more generic, “international” schools, that follow one of these systems or a combination of them in their curriculum. In addition, many of these schools offer the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) Program which can lead to an IB diploma. ..>> more
As more teachers learn of the many opportunities to teach in another country, a strong note of caution must be interjected. There are literally thousands of institutions that now call themselves "international schools." But the great majority of them represent local ventures by local entrepreneurs... ..>> more
International schools come in many different shapes and sizes and the term itself, includes a variety of school systems encompassing a wide variety of formats and curricula, with some being more international than others. ..>> more


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When a MS EAL position at AIS-Vienna showed up on TIE, I pounced and contacted the school immediately. Within two weeks, I had completed two Skype interviews and landed the position...>> more

Alex - Vienna, Austria

I was offered two interviews through two different companies in China and Taiwan and was given an excellent offer near Shanghai... Thank you Tie Online for your services!..>> more

Mike - Rochester, NY

Thanks to this site I was able to find, and apply, to a number of international schools around the world...and accepted a job just a few weeks ago. I'm so glad that I was told about TIE Online...>> more

Meredith - Brazil

We are happy to let you know that we have, once again, landed jobs through TieOnline. We will be teaching in China for the next two years!..>> more

Andres & Jamie - Khartoum, Sudan

Thank you TIE!!! Through you, last week I was offered and have accepted a teaching position in Kenya! I now know first hand that indeed one can really secure a job via your site. Anyway, fellow educators TIE WORKS!!!..>> more

Dianne - Newnan, GA

What a fantastic service. We both located jobs within only a couple of months, interviewed by SKYPE, and made preparations for more academic adventure. Thanks TIE !!!..>> more

Bob and Judi Custer - Sasebo, Japan

Well, your company has done it to me or for less than a month, actually within several weeks, after completing my resume on line , I wrote to several schools looking for teachers immediately. All were polite and acknowledged my resume and inter..>> more

Melvin - North Carolina, USA

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