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International School Appointments

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Oxford International School, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan:  K-12 Principal

Christopher Manning


Chris Manning will join Oxford International School, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan as Principal in 2017. Chris is currently the Founding Head of School at RISE International School, Sylhet, Bangladesh where he has worked since 2015. He is returning to Kyrgyzstan where he started his overseas teaching career in 2012.

IITA International School, Ibadan, Nigeria:  Head of School

George Piacentini


George Piacentini has recently been appointed Head of School at International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) International School, Ibadan, Nigeria. Previous to this posting he was Director of Ihsan Dogramaci Bilkent Erbil College, Northern Iraq.

Luanda International School:  Director

Dylan Hughes


Dylan Hughes was appointed as Interim Director to Luanda International School in August 2015. In November 2015 he accepted the full time Directors role.

Pan American School of Bahia:  Director of Teaching and Learning

Fernanda Dillon


Fernanda Dillon was appointed as Director of Teaching and Learning at Pan American School of Bahia, Salvador, Brazil. She previously served as Math Instructional Coach at PASB after teaching at Shanghai American School - Puxi and Chapel School.

International School of Aberdeen:  IBDP Co-ordinator

Jennifer Purpura


Jennifer Purpura has taken responsibility as IBDP Co-ordinator at The International School of Aberdeen, Scotland, since 1 January 2017, in addition to her role as HS/IB Mathematics Teacher.

International School of Aberdeen:  Assistant Principal

Morio Kajiwara


Morio Kajiwara was appointed as Assistant Principal at The International School of Aberdeen, Scotland commencing the 2016/17 academic year. Morio has held the roles of Elementary Classroom Teacher, IT Co-ordinator, and Curriculum Co-ordinator at ISA since re-joining the School in 2009.

International School of Aberdeen:  Assistant MS/HS Principal

Matthew Barry


Matthew Barry was appointed as Assistant MS/HS Principal at The International School of Aberdeen with effect from 1 January 2017. Matthew joined ISA as an MS Math/Science (Grade 6) Teacher in 2013 and held the role of MS Co-ordinator.

International School of Aberdeen:  MS/HS Principal

Angus Carmichael


Dr Angus Carmichael was appointed as the MS/HS Principal of The International School of Aberdeen, Scotland with effect from 1 January 2017. Angus previously held the position of IB Co-ordinator and IB Chemistry Teacher at ISA.

International School of Aberdeen:  Director

Sarah Bruce


Sarah Bruce was appointed as the Director of The International School of Aberdeen, Scotland with effect from 1 January 2017. Sarah previously held the position of MS/HS Principal at ISA. Prior to joining ISA in 2013, Sarah was Head of Upper School at Havergal College, Toronto, Canada.

Confucius International School Chengdu:  Headmaster



James has taken up the role of Headmaster of Confucius International School Chengdu after the retirement of the outgoing Head, Dr Gordon Whittlestone. CISCD offers a unique curriculum blending its own International Six Arts program derived from Confucian philosophy, with an International curriculum including IGCSEs and A levels. Previously James worked both as a Leadership Consultant and Interim Principal at the American Creativity Academy in Kuwait, and as the Principal at Yew Wah International Education School in Yantai, also in China.

Colegio Interamericano de Guatemala:  Chief Academic Officer

Sharon Canadine


Colegio Interamericano de Guatemala is pleased to announce that Sharon Canadine has accepted the position of Chief Academic Officer for the start of the 2017-18 school year. Sharon is currently the Director of Teaching and Learning at the American International School of Mozambique where she has worked since 2013. Everyone in the Interamericano community is very excited to welcome Sharon and her family to Guatemala in July.

Westwood International School:  Secondary Principal/IBMYP Coordinator

Heidi Cavanagh


Heidi has assumed the position of Secondary Principal and IBMYP Coordinator at Westwood International School in Gaborone, Botswana. Heidi recently completed 5 years as the Director of the American International School of Niamey in Niamey, Niger. She has also held administrative and teaching roles in Cuba, California, Istanbul and Canada.

Pan American School of Bahia:  Superintendent

Larry Molacek


Dr. Larry Molacek has been appointed the Superintendent at the Pan American School of Bahia in Salvador, Brazil starting July 2016. Prior to this appointment Dr. Molacek served as the Head of School in Indonesia, Latvia, and the US.

QSI - International School in Shenyang:  Director

Clare McDermott


Clare McDermott has accepted Director position at QSI International School in Shenyang, China. She and her husband have been working internationally for over 13 years in Thailand and China.

QSI - International School of Sarajevo:  Director

Jamie Martin


Jamie Martin has accepted the Director position at QSI International School of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She previously served as Director of Instruction at QSI International School of Chengdu in China.

American School Foundation of Monterrey:  Eagle Parent Universiry Coordinator

Gabriela Miaz


Gabriela Maiz will now be serving the American School Foundation of Monterrey as the Eagle Parent University Coordinator, after 17 years of varied teaching experience. She is as ASFM alumna, teacher and parent.

Escola Americana de Campinas:  Head of School

Tom Pado


Tom Pado has assumed the position of Head of School of the Escola Americana de Campinas located in Campinas, Brazil. Previously, Tom served as the Director of the American International School in Lusaka for four years.

QSI - International School of Brindisi:  Director

John Shirley


John Shirley has accepted the Director position at QSI International School of Brindisi in Italy. He has served as a teacher in Cairo, Egypt and as administrator at QSI International School of Atyrau in Kazakhstan.

Concordia International School Shanghai:  Head of School

Mary Scott


Dr. Mary Scott was appointed Head of Concordia International School Shanghai. She joins the school after 30 years with Concordia University Irvine, where she was most recently the Executive Vice President and Provost.

Kaohsiung American School:  Superintendent

Ben Ploeger


Ben Ploeger will join Kaohsiung American School in Taiwan as Superintendent starting 2017. He is currently Head of School at Eagle Ridge Academy Charter High School in Colorado, in the United States.

Canadian International School Hong Kong:  Lower School Principal

Helen Kelly


Helen Kelly is now Lower School Principal at Canadian International School Hong Kong. Prior to this Helen was Primary Principal at Berlin International School and has also worked in Thailand, Kuwait, Egypt, and the U.K.

Carol Morgan School:  Athletic Director

Will Norris


Will Norris joined Carol Morgan School last year and has transitioned to Athletic Director this year. He has over 20 years as an educator including as an Athletic Director, math teacher, and PE/Health teacher most of which has been international and previous to which he spent 8 years as a business professional.

Canadian International School of Hong Kong:  DP Coordinator

Joe Holroyd


Joe Holroyd is now the DP Coordinator at Canadian International School of Hong Kong. He previously was IBDP Literature, Film, and Theory of Knowledge teacher at CDNIS before taking up the Coordinator position.

International School of Tanganyika:  Director

Mark Harderman


Mark Harderman has been appointed Director of the International School of Tanganyika in Tanzania for 2017-18 academic year. He is currently Deputy Head of School at the International School of Beijing in China.

Rabat American School:  Director

Sean Goudie


Sean Goudie has been appointed the new Director at the Rabat American School in Rabat, Morocco. Prior to moving to Rabat, Sean was the Director at the International School of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso for five years. He was also Director at international schools in Jamaica and Eritrea before working in Burkina Faso . Sean started his career as a teacher in Canada and has now been overseas for 15 years.

Carol Morgan School:  Academic Technology Director

Marc Gilberston


Marc Gilbertson is joining Carol Morgan School as the Academic Technology Director. He comes to CMS with 20 years as an educator in Social Studies and as a Technology Integration Specialist in both Middle and High Schools.

Cairo American College:  High School Assistant Principal

Jerry Duggan


Jerry Duggan is the new High School Assistant Principal at Cairo American College. Most recently he was the English Department Chair at Nido de Aguilas International School in Chile.

Canadian International School of Hong Kong:  MYP Coordinator

Julie Cook


Ms. Julie Cook has been appointed MYP Coordinator at Canadian International School of Hong Kong. She was previously the MYP Science Teacher.

Carol Morgan School:  Middle School Assistant Principal

Brian Combes


Brian Combes is joining Carol Morgan School as the Middle School Assistant Principal for Student Success. He comes to CMS with 24 years of international educator experience in 6th through 12th grades including teaching, Athletic Director, Summer Programs Director, Middle School Assistant Principal, and Campus Director.

Carol Morgan School:  OLC Coordinator

Paula Cline


Paula Cline joined CMS last year and has transitioned full-time to OLC Coordinator. She has over 26 years in the field of Learning Support and has certifications as an educator in elementary, handicapped learning, reading and resource specialist both internationally and stateside.

Canadian International School of Hong Kong:  Upper School Vice Principal

David Butler


Mr. David Butler assumed his role as the Upper School Vice Principal of Academics at Canadian International School of Hong Kong in January 2016. David joined CDNIS after serving as the Assistant Principal at ISG – Dhahran High School, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

The American School of Antananarivo:  Director

Caroline Brokvam


Dr. Caroline Brokvam has recently taken up the position of Director of the American School of Antananarivo in Madagascar, after six years as High School Principal and Head of City Campus at Copenhagen International School. She has seventeen years of international experience, and has previously worked as a teacher and administrator Norway, the Philippines and Australia.

The American School of London:  Head of School

Robin Appleby


Robin has been appointed Head of School of the American School in London, commencing July 2017. She was High School Principal at American School of The Hague and Superintendent/CEO at Gems in Dubai.

Cairo American College:  Elementary Assistant Principal

Penny Amies


(Penelope) Penny Amies is now the Elementary Assistant Principal and a Curriculum Coordinator at Cairo American College, where she has been for 3 years. Prior to this, Penny worked in Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Pan American School of Bahia:  Deputy Superintendent

Jason Dillon


Jason has accepted an appointment as Deputy Superintendent at the Pan American School of Bahia, where he previously served as Curriculum Coordinator. PASB is Jason’s fifth international school after stints in Beijing, Caracas, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai.

International School of Hamburg:  Head of School

Andrew Cross


Andrew Cross has been appointed Head of The International School of Hamburg. Previously Andrew served as the Secondary Principal. He has also worked in administrative and teaching roles in Japan, Belgium, Venezuela and Turkey.

Singapore International School:  Principal

Anne Matley


Anne accepted an appointment as Principal at SIS@Danang, commencing on 1/8/2016. Anne comes with 10 years experience as a Principal of a large secondary school in NSW, Australia and has recently completed M. Ed (International Schooling).

American Community School Beirut:  Head of School

Greg L. MacGilpin, Jr.


Greg L. MacGilpin, Jr. has joined the American Community School Beirut as Head of School starting July 2016. For the past six years, Greg was the General Director of the Country Day School in Costa Rica and will continue hiking the great outdoors among the cedars of Lebanon.

Concordia International School Hanoi:  High School Assistant Principal

Stephen Conroy


Stephen Conroy has been named High School Assistant Principal for the 2016-17 school year at Concordia International School Hanoi. Stephen is in his third year at the school, teaching in both the middle and high school.

Santiago College:  IB Diploma Coordinator

Gustavo Paez


Gustavo Paez has been appointed IB Diploma Coordinator at Santiago College. Having held the same position at international schools in Ecuador and Mexico, Mr. Paez is going to Chile after 13 years of international K12 teaching and administrative experience.

International School of Ulaanbaatar:  Director

Bill Elman


Bill Elman has been appointed as the new Director of the international School of Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. He previously served as the Director of the Rabat American School in Morocco. Prior to Morocco, he held administrative and teaching positions in China, Latvia and Turkey. Bill has a BSc from the University of Toronto and an MA from the University of Western Ontario and he is currently working on an MSc in Management at the London School of Economics. Moving with him will be his wife, teacher-librarian Eleanor Surridge, and their two children, ages 14 and 11. The family is very excited about the move and looks forward to settling into their new home and their new community in UB.

Cairo American College, Egypt:  Director of Technology

Santha Kumar


Santha Kumar has accepted the Director of Technology position at CAC starting August 2017. He has been the ICT Director at International School of Tanganyika recently and has worked in Senegal, Vietnam and Thailand.

QSI International School of Montenegro:  Director

Donn Maier


Mr. Donn Maier has accepted the Director position at QSI International School of Montenegro in Podgorica, Montenegro. His wife, Karin, will teach in the elementary program. Donn has been a teacher and administrator for over 25 years. The couple has worked together in schools in America and Benin, West Africa.

American International School Chennai:  Director of Teaching and Learning

Dan Love


Dan Love is joining the American International School Chennai as the new Director of Teaching and Learning. He was previously the Dean of Faculty at the New Hampton School in the USA and has also worked in Mexico and Italy.

Suzhou Singapore International School:  Head of School

Nick Little


Nick Little is the new Head of School at Suzhou Singapore International School. He previously served as the Secondary Principal and has held various roles at SSIS since 2002

Beijing BISS International School:  Elementary School Principal

Jennifer Levarge


Jennifer Levarge is the new Elementary School Principal at Beijing BISS International School. She was formerly the Assistant Principal-PYP. She has lived and worked in Germany, Japan, the U.K., the U.A.E., and Lebanon.

The American School of Douala:  Director

Edward Langlais


Edward Langlais has been appointed as the director of The American School of Douala. He's formerly working in Colombia, Guatemala, and Suriname.

American School of Doha:  High School Associate Principal

Paul Kasky


Paul Kasky has been appointed to the position of High School Associate Principal at the American School of Doha for the 2016-2017 school year. Prior to his appointment, Paul held various teaching and teacher leadership roles at ASD, the American School of Bombay, Graded School in Sao Paulo, as well as U.S. public schools. He holds an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from the University of Northern Iowa and is entering his fifteenth year as an educator.

American School Hong Kong:  Founding Director

John Jalsevac


John Jalsevac has been appointed founding Director of American School Hong Kong. He previously served for ten years as Principal of the Upper School at the Canadian International School Hong Kong.

Tirana International School:  Director

Robert Jackson


Mr. Robert Jackson has accepted the position of Director at Tirana International School in Tirana, Albania. Previously, he served in as the Director of the QSI International School of Minsk in Belarus and held other QSI administrative positions in Kyiv, Ukraine and Shenzhen, China. Mr. Jackson has just completed a study sabbatical at Columbia University, where he is pursuing a Doctorate in International School Leadership. He will be joined in Tirana by his wife, Dr. Lena Jackson, and their two children.