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International School Appointments

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International School of Latvia:  Elementary School Principal

David Callaway


David Callaway will move into the position of Elementary School Principal, after serving for a year as Elementary School Assistant Principal. He will also continue as Primary Years Program Coordinator.

International School of Latvia:  High School Principal

Sarah Goossens Bevel


Sarah Goossens Bevel will move into the position of High School Principal after serving as Assistant High School Principal for the past year. She will also continue to hold the position of IB Diploma Program Coordinator.

International School Bangkok:  Middle School Principal

Dennis Harter


Dennis Harter is the new Middle School Principal at International School Bangkok. He was previously the High School Principal at the American International School Vienna.

American School of Antananarivo:  Principal

Dr. Troy P. Regis


Dr. Troy P. Regis has accepted the position of Principal at the American School of Antananarivo, Madagascar. He comes to the school from the International School of Bangkok where he has worked for the past 6 years as a cognitive coach, department head, team leader, athletics coach, and teacher.

Tianyi High School:  AP Music

William Doherty


Will implement the AP Music Curriculum in the AP Centre.

British Columbia International School of Bangkok:  Principal

Raymond Lemoine


The British Columbia International School of Bangkok is a Canadian Offshore school offering the BC curriculum. Prior to this new assignment in Thailand, Dr. Lemoine and his wife Madeleine served in Germany, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Guinea, the Gambia, and most recently in China.

The International School Yangon:  Director

D. Marvin


Mr. D. Marvin will be the next Director at The International School Yangon (ISY). He was most recently the elementary principal at the same school. Prior to his move to Myanmar, Mr. Marvin worked in such places as Ethiopia, China, India, and the U.S.

The American Community School of Beirut:  Middle School Math Teacher

Jennifer Kang


Pan American School of Bahia:  Math Instructional Coach

Fernanda Dillon


American School of Antananarivo, Madagascar:  Principal

Dr. Troy P. Regis


Dr. Troy P. Regis has accepted the position of Principal at the American School of Antananarivo, Madagascar. He comes to the school from the International School of Bangkok where he has worked for the past 6 years as a cognitive coach, department head, team leader, athletics coach, and teacher.

Pan American School of Bahia:  Curriculum Coordinator

Jason Dillon


Jason will support implementation of Common Core standards and the IB diploma program while coordinating on site professional learning activities.

Ferndale School District:  Principal

Cynthia Sicilia


Cebu International School, Cebu City Philippines

Madison International School, Monterrey, Mexico:  Head of School

Alain Delaune


Alain Delaune joins Madison International School, Monterrey, Mexico, as Head of School. Alain arrives from Toronto French School where he was principal of the Secondary School.

MEF International School Istanbul:  Primary Deputy Principal

Christopher Jackson


Christopher has been the Primary School Music Teacher at International School of Lausanne in Switzerland for the past 12 years. Following completion of the PTC Leadership Certificate, he is excited to move to Istanbul to join a vibrant team of educators "Building bridges between countries and cultures".

United Nations International School:  Middle School Principal

Chad Fairey


Chad Fairey has been appointed as the Middle School Principal at the United Nations International School in Manhattan. He is currently the Director of the Mediterranean Center for Innovation in Education, a role in which he will continue to serve, and has recently served as Head of School at Sotogrande International School and Associate Head of School at Washington International School.

Guayquil International School. Ecuador:  Social Studies/History/Geography eacher

jay manley


International School of Monagas:  High School English Teacher/Secondary Coordinator

Kristen Brown


This will be my first international teaching experience. My family and I are thrilled at the prospect of living and working in Venezuela! The staff has been immensely warm and accommodating. I'm already getting the sense of my budding "family" there. I look forward to blogging about my students, faculty members, travels, experiences, cultural takeaways, and overall funny moments. Off we go, entering the next chapter in our lives. July and South America: here come the Browns!!!

Colegio Decroly Americano:  General Director

Jaime Comandari


Guatemala City, Central America Accredited by NEASC

Stonehill International School:  Head of School

Beverly Sortland


Dr. Beverly Sortland has been appointed as the new Head of School for Stonehill International School in Bangalore. She joins the school after completing four successful years as Director of the American School of Douala.

Eagle Pass High School:  Teacher

Rosalinda Hernandez


Social Studies - Secondary SNA, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Western Academy of Beijing:  High School Curriculum Coordinator

Brent Abrahams


Brent Abrahams is assuming the position of HS Curriculum Coordinator at Western Academy of Beijing. This is his second position and the 9th year working at WAB.

Western Academy of Beijing:  Deputy Director

John D'Arcy


Dr. John D'Arcy has accepted the position of Deputy Director at Western Academy of Beijing, China, starting August 2015. John served for four years as the Director of Student Learning at Istanbul International Community School prior to joining WAB.

International School of Ningbo:  Founding Head of School

Cavon Ahangarzadeh


Ibn Khuldoon National School:  Assistant Headmaster

Craig Garrison


Colegio Internacional de Caracas:  Superintendent

Kelly Pasch-Kramer


Dr. Kelly Pasch-Kramer has been chosen as the next superintendent at Colegio Internacional de Caracas. Dr. Pasch-Kramer has worked at CIC for the past two years as the secondary school principal. Prior to her work at CIC, Dr. Pasch-Kramer was the head of the lower school at Madison Country Day School in Madison, Wisconsin. Dr. Pasch-Kramer previously worked at international schools in China, Thailand, Pakistan and Ecuador.

Jeddah Private Schools:  Head of School / School Improvement Consultant

David Harris


Dr. Harris is a seasoned international educator who spent his first six years leading within Karachi American school before moving to Concordia International School Shanghai. At CISS he worked to bring the school from 350 to 1350 students and establish its reputation as a top tier school internationally. His latest assignment with JPS is to transform a school with a 30 year reputation of excellence as a local private school into an international school on par with the best international schools.

Canadian International School of Hong Kong:  Director of Business Administration

Eunice Tan


CDNIS is proud to welcome Eunice Tan as its new Director of Business Administration. Eunice has worked in both the private and education sectors prior to joining CDNIS in February 2015. Originally from Malaysia, Eunice holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University, Victoria, Australia with a CPA Australia qualification.

Bali International School:  IB DP Biology, Environmental Systems and Societies and MYP Biology

Leif Hopkins


Shanghai American School:  Middle School Principal

Dr. Theron J. Mott


Dr. Theron J. Mott has been appointed Middle School Principal starting August 2015. Theron has served as SAS MS Vice Principal for the last five years. Theron began his overseas career in 1999 at Seoul Foreign School before moving to Nido de Aguilas in Chile in 2004.

American International School in Egypt - West Campus:  Secondary Principal

Joseph Levno


Joseph has been appointed as the Secondary Principal at AISE-West.

escuela las morochas:  teacher of spanish and library

jesuhane tovar


American International School in Egypt - West Campus:  Secondary Principal

Joseph Levno


Joseph is the newly appointed Secondary Principal for AISE-West.

ACS Abu Dhabi:  Director of Operations

Zoltan Karaszy


Zoltan Karaszy filled in the new position of Director of Operations, HElath, Safety and Security at the American Community School in Abu Dhabi. He has 24+ years experience as Director of Finances and Operations at AISBudapest, Hungary.

Dasman Bilingual School in Kuwait:  Teacher (Special Education)

Roslyn Crump


Escuela John F. Kennedy A.C., the American School of Querétaro, Mexico.:  IB Diploma Coordinator

Gustavo Páez


Gustavo Páez has joined Escuela John F. Kennedy A.C., the American School of Querétaro, Mexico as the new IB Diploma Coordinator. Gustavo has been a IB educator for the last 10 years in Ecuador and Mexico, recently has come from 3 years at the Colegio Británico Internacional of Quito, Ecuador.

Changchun American International School:  Secondary Principal

Ann Gaillard


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Ann Gaillard as secondary principal at Changchun American International School. Ann joined CAIS as MYP Coordinator in August 2013. She taught previously in the Philippines, Japan and Thailand.

Hong Kong Academy:  Secondary Principal

Leanne Dunlop


Hong Kong Academy is pleased to announce that Leanne Dunlap has been appointed to the position of Secondary School Principal. Leanne comes with a wealth of experience as an international educator and since 2010 she has been the Middle School principal at Copenhagen International School. Prior to this she was held teaching and leadership roles in Warsaw, Seattle, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro.

Chadwick International:  MYP Coordinator/ Director of IB program

Caroline Rennie


Caroline Rennie has joined Chadwick International as the MYP Coordinator/ IB Director. She has been involved in the MYP and Diploma, since 1998, in Fiji, NZ and most recently as the Director of Academic Affairs at Osaka International School. During this time, she has undertaken IB educator assignments in a variety of roles including moderation, examining, curriculum writing, leading school visits, MYP consultancy, facilitating workshops and as a field representative.

Chadwick International:  PYP Coordinator

Anya Dalais


Anya Dalais has joined Chadwick International in Songdo, South Korea this year as the PYP coordinator. Anya has been a PYP educator for the last 17 years in France, England, China and most recently has come from 6 years at the International School Basel, Switzerland.

Pearling seasonal school:  Teacher

Biji Paul


Colegio Americano de Torreon:  Elementary Principal

Brandon Rogers


Brandon Rogers is the newly appointed Elementary Principal at Colegio Americano de Torreon. He has held previous positions in the United States, Bahrain and Bangladesh.

Escuela John F. Kennedy A.C.:  General Director

Adrian Leece


BSc (Hons) London University 1983 MSc. Multidisciplinary Studies for International Educators. Buffalo State University 2010 MA Educational Leadership Frammingham State, Mass. 2005

Escuela John F. Kennedy A.C.:  High School Principal

Georgina Frias


Law degree. Universidad Iberoamericana, México.

Master of Education in International teaching. Framingham State University, Mass.

MA Educational Leadership. Framingham State University, Mass.

MSc. Multidisciplinary Studies for International Educators. Buffalo State University.

Pearling seasonal school:  Teacher

Biji Paul


Asmara International Community School:  Director

Colin Webster


Colin Webster has started his year at the Asmara International Community School in Eritrea as Director. His wife, Ibi Venczel is School Counselor/Social Studies. They have worked and lived in Budapest, Prague, Dubai, Aleppo and Bangkok. They are accompanied by their two children, Caelin (age 11) and Carys (age 4).

American Nicaraguan School:  Director General

Dr. Jeffrey Keller


The American Nicaraguan School’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Dr. Jeffrey Keller has been appointed Director General. Prior to joining us in July, Dr. Keller had a successful 19-year tenure as the Superintendent of the American School Foundation of Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico. In total, his educator experience spans four decades, and he holds a master’s degree in Educational Administration and a doctorate in Instructional Leadership. Dr. Keller is also a current member of the Board of Trustees of AdvancED, the accreditation agency used by ANS. We are confident that Dr. Keller is the best leader for ANS. He is an inspiring, respected educational administrator who brings invaluable experience to our school.

Oakridge International School:  Principal

Gustav Gropp


‘Oakridge International School’ is a centre for excellence in education. In keeping with the rich heritage of India, it focuses on simultaneous development of the Spirit, the Mind and the Body; endeavoring to launch compassionate, responsible and innovative students, committed to change and progress in the development of India and the global environment.

Colegio Jorge Washington:  Biology grades 9 and 10

Carol Craig


I have moved to the opposite hemisphere! I am in Cartagena, Colombia now. After 4 years on the African continent, I am now in South America. I actually live in the same time zone as several family members now. It feels good to be back closer to my home in Trinidad and Tobago.

Pledge Harbor School and Sports Academy:  School Principal

Christopher Manning


Chris has been appointed as the School Principal of Pledge Harbor School & Sports Academy, Bangladesh. He previously served a short tenure as the Vice Principal at PHSA. Chris brings a great deal of experience to the principalship. His previous administrative roles include that of university-level department head and Dean. He has a B.A. in Management, M.Ed. in Instructional Design and Technology, Professional Certification in Management, CAGS in Educational Leadership, and is pursuing a doctorate degree in management. He and his wife Altynai have a one year old son, Ralphael.

International Community School, Addis Ababa:  Elementary Vice Principal

Susan Ballantyne


We are pleased to announce that Susan Ballantyne is our new Elementary Vice Principal. Susan has 32 years of educational experience. She is coming to ICS from Budapest Hungary were is was the Co-owner of the English Learning Centre. Prior to her work with the English Learning Center, Susan spent 2 years as Elementary Principal at International School of Budapest, 1 year as High School ESL teacher, and an additional 26 years in Montana as an Elementary and Middle School Teacher and Elementary School Principal. Susan has a BA in Elementary Education and a Masters in Education and Elementary Administration.