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International School Appointments

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Concordia International School Hanoi:  High School Assistant Principal

Stephen Conroy


Stephen Conroy has been named High School Assistant Principal for the 2016-17 school year at Concordia International School Hanoi. Stephen is in his third year at the school, teaching in both the middle and high school.

Santiago College:  IB Diploma Coordinator

Gustavo Paez


Gustavo Paez has been appointed IB Diploma Coordinator at Santiago College. Having held the same position at international schools in Ecuador and Mexico, Mr. Paez is going to Chile after 13 years of international K12 teaching and administrative experience.

Singapore International School:  Principal

Anne Matley


Anne accepted an appointment as Principal at SIS@Danang, commencing on 1/8/2016. Anne comes with 10 years experience as a Principal of a large secondary school in NSW, Australia and has recently completed M. Ed (International Schooling).

International School of Ulaanbaatar:  Director

Bill Elman


Bill Elman has been appointed as the new Director of the international School of Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. He previously served as the Director of the Rabat American School in Morocco. Prior to Morocco, he held administrative and teaching positions in China, Latvia and Turkey. Bill has a BSc from the University of Toronto and an MA from the University of Western Ontario and he is currently working on an MSc in Management at the London School of Economics. Moving with him will be his wife, teacher-librarian Eleanor Surridge, and their two children, ages 14 and 11. The family is very excited about the move and looks forward to settling into their new home and their new community in UB.

Cairo American College, Egypt:  Director of Technology

Santha Kumar


Santha Kumar has accepted the Director of Technology position at CAC starting August 2017. He has been the ICT Director at International School of Tanganyika recently and has worked in Senegal, Vietnam and Thailand.

QSI International School of Montenegro:  Director

Donn Maier


Mr. Donn Maier has accepted the Director position at QSI International School of Montenegro in Podgorica, Montenegro. His wife, Karin, will teach in the elementary program. Donn has been a teacher and administrator for over 25 years. The couple has worked together in schools in America and Benin, West Africa.

American International School Chennai:  Director of Teaching and Learning

Dan Love


Dan Love is joining the American International School Chennai as the new Director of Teaching and Learning. He was previously the Dean of Faculty at the New Hampton School in the USA and has also worked in Mexico and Italy.

Suzhou Singapore International School:  Head of School

Nick Little


Nick Little is the new Head of School at Suzhou Singapore International School. He previously served as the Secondary Principal and has held various roles at SSIS since 2002

Beijing BISS International School:  Elementary School Principal

Jennifer Levarge


Jennifer Levarge is the new Elementary School Principal at Beijing BISS International School. She was formerly the Assistant Principal-PYP. She has lived and worked in Germany, Japan, the U.K., the U.A.E., and Lebanon.

The American School of Douala:  Director

Edward Langlais


Edward Langlais has been appointed as the director of The American School of Douala. He's formerly working in Colombia, Guatemala, and Suriname.

American School of Doha:  High School Associate Principal

Paul Kasky


Paul Kasky has been appointed to the position of High School Associate Principal at the American School of Doha for the 2016-2017 school year. Prior to his appointment, Paul held various teaching and teacher leadership roles at ASD, the American School of Bombay, Graded School in Sao Paulo, as well as U.S. public schools. He holds an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from the University of Northern Iowa and is entering his fifteenth year as an educator.

American School Hong Kong:  Founding Director

John Jalsevac


John Jalsevac has been appointed founding Director of American School Hong Kong. He previously served for ten years as Principal of the Upper School at the Canadian International School Hong Kong.

Tirana International School:  Director

Robert Jackson


Mr. Robert Jackson has accepted the position of Director at Tirana International School in Tirana, Albania. Previously, he served in as the Director of the QSI International School of Minsk in Belarus and held other QSI administrative positions in Kyiv, Ukraine and Shenzhen, China. Mr. Jackson has just completed a study sabbatical at Columbia University, where he is pursuing a Doctorate in International School Leadership. He will be joined in Tirana by his wife, Dr. Lena Jackson, and their two children.

American School of Brazzaville:  Director

Dr. Terry Howard


Dr. Terry Howard has been appointed as the new Director at the American International School of Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo. Over the years, Terry has worked as a school Director, counselor or teacher in Gabon, Nigeria, South Sudan, Kenya, Norway, Kuwait and Liberia. He is excited about moving to Brazzaville and is looking forward to working with the faculty, staff, students, parents and board at AISB.

American School Foundation of Monterrey:  Head of Learning and Innovation

John Hickey


John Hickey will join the American School Foundation of Monterrey team as Head of Learning and Innovation. John has held teaching and leadership roles in Israel, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and the US and was most recently the Director of Colegio Panamericano in Colombia.

International School of Kigali:  Director

Seamus Hennessy


Mr. Séamus Hennessy is moving to Rwanda in August to take up the post of Director at the International School of Kigali. He is currently Interim Director at the International School of Gabon, Ruban Vert and was previously Deputy Head(Academics) at the British School of Lome, Togo and before that was Director at Calcutta International School in India.

American School in Japan:  Head of School

Jim Hardin


Jim Hardin has been named Head of School at the American School in Japan. He is currently Superintendent of Dubai American Academy, and will assume his duties on August 1, 2017.

QSI - International School of Benin:  Director

Dr. Karen Hall


Dr. Karen Hall has accepted the position as Director of QSI International School of Benin (Cotonou, Africa). Over the past 20 years she has served as an administrator with Quality Schools International in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Shenzhen,China, and Dongguan, China. She has recently been employed in a school in Kabul, Afghanistan.

International School Shanghai:  Assistant Head of School - Teaching and Learning

Genevieve Graff-Ermeling


Genevieve Graff-Ermeling has been named Assistant Head of School- Teaching & Learning at Concordia International School Shanghai. She has eighteen years’ experience in leadership and teaching in the U.S. and Japan.

American School of Brasilia:  Lower School Director of Teaching and Learning

Matt Hajdun


Matt Hajdun is currently the Lower School Director of Teaching and Learning at the American School of Brasilia (EAB). Matt is in his fourth year at EAB. Previously Matt worked as an elementary school teacher in the United States (Grades 3-6), and worked as a Principal at a small, private school in rural Honduras. In his short tenure at EAB he has been a grade 3 classroom teacher, an ELL teacher and an instructional coach. Matt has a Master's in Education and an endorsement for teaching ELL.

Royal Primary Academy:  Primary 5&6 Teacher

Akosua Frimpong


Shanghai American School:  Head of School

Marcel Gauthier


In May of 2015, after an international search, the Shanghai American School Board of Trustees appointed me as Head of School beginning in the 2016-17 school year. Officially I began my tenure on August 1 of this year. Previously, I served for two years as Deputy Head of School at SAS on our Puxi Campus. Prior to my arrival in China, I served for six years as Assistant Head of School at the Waterford School in Sandy, Utah.

Concordia International School:  Elementary School Assistant Principal

Drew Gerdes


Drew Gerdes has been named Elementary School Assistant Principal at Concordia International School Shanghai. He has sixteen years experience working in early childhood education in the U.S.

QSI International School of Phuket:  Director

Brian Gerbracht


Mr. Brian Gerbracht started April 2016 as the Director of the QSI International School of Phuket in Phuket, Thailand. He is joined by his wife and youngest daughter. Mr. Gerbracht has been an administrator since 2005 and has worked internationally in Athens, Greece

Beijing BISS International School:  Secondary School Principal

Antony Geralis


Mr. Antony Geralis is now the Secondary School Principal at Beijing BISS International School, where he was formerly Assistant Principal-DP. He has been working as a teacher, learner, and qualified examiner for more than 22 years.

QSI International School of Zhuhai:  Director

Cliff Geis-Poage


Mr. Cliff Geis-Poage has accepted the Director position at the QSI International School of Zhuhai in Zhuhai, China. He will be accompanied by his wife, Becky, and their 12 year-old son. Mr. Geis-Poage has been an administrator with QSI since 2008, serving in Shekou, China, and most recently as Director of the QSI International School of Brindisi, Italy

American School Foundation of Monterrey:  MSHS Assistant Principal for Teaching & Learning

Andrea Fossum


Andrea Fossum joins ASFM (American School Foundation of Monterrey) as the Assistant Principal for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for Middle and High School. Prior to this recent appointment, she served the International School of Islamabad (Pakistan) community from 2009-2016 as Secondary Principal as well as K-12 Librarian and Secondary History teacher. While at ISOI, Andrea was involved in NESA as a member of the Wider Circle. She is also a part-time faculty member for the online teacher certification program TEACHNOW.

Beijing BISS International School:  Head of School

Randy Eplin


Mr. Randal Eplin is the new Head of School Beijing BISS International School. He was the former Secondary Principal at Beijing BISS International School.

Mr. Eplin is an American who has lived overseas for fifteen years with his family. He is married to his lovely wife Lori and they have five children; their youngest son is with them here at BISS. As the Head of School he enjoys working with everyone in the BISS community. He has two undergraduate degrees, a masters degree and is currently working on a doctorate at the University of Liverpool. He is a black belt instructor in Tae Kwon Do with the United States Chung Do Kwon Association.

QSI Almaty International School:  Director

Dr. Mitch Elswick


Dr. Mitch Elswick has accepted the Director position at QSI's Almaty International School in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Most recently, Dr. Elswick served as Director of the QSI International School of Montenegro in Podgorica, Montenegro. Before that, he directed QSI's Ashgabat International School in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. His wife, Lindsay Elswick, and twin boys will join him in Almaty.

Leman International School:  PE Teacher

Julie Strait


Teaching grades 1-7 at this Sichuan International School

American International School of Niamey:  Director

Jeffrey Duckett


Jeffrey Duckett is now Director of the American International School of Niamey, in Niger. Mr. Duckett was previously the Deputy Head of School at Khartoum International Community School (KICS) in Khartoum, Sudan. He was previously Director of Technology at KICS before being appointed Deputy Head of School. He has also held teaching and administrative positions in Dubai, UAE and in Cairo, Egypt.

American International School Chennai:  Elementary School Principal

Keryn Dowling


Keryn Dowling is joining the American International School Chennai as the new Elementary School Principal. She was previously the Early Childhood and Lower School Curriculum Coordinator at Zurich International School and has also worked in Vietnam, Abu Dhabi, Austria and the UK.

Mazapan School:  Superintendent

Courtney Cullum


I feel honored and blessed to have the opportunity to serve as the head of Mazapan School, La Ceiba, Honduras, as it is a school with a rich history of 88 years, founded upon principles of excellence, character, and community, and a place that is near and dear to my heart. Mazapan School is a company owned school, serving Standard Fruit de Honduras, a subsidiary of Dole Fresh Fruit International, as well as the local community. My past appointments include serving as the Nursery through Grade 12 Principal of Mazapan School. I also served as the Interim Curriculum Coordinator, Gifted and Talented Program Coordinator, and Science Lab Teacher and Grade 4 teacher through several years at Escuela Internacional Sampedrana, San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Prior to that, I worked in Bryan, Texas, U.S.A. as an art teacher at Anson Jones Elementary.

Boston School International:  Headmaster

Paul Combs


Paul Combs has been appointed as the Headmaster of Boston School International for 2016-17 in Panama City, Panama. His wife, Antoinette, has joined him as the school's 5th grade teacher. Paul has served as a deputy Principal, Principal and a Director at international schools in Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Lebanon, Guatemala and most recently in Curitiba, Brazil.

American International School of Conakry:  Director

Sarah Chevaillier


Sarah Chevaillier has been appointed Director for the American International School of Conakry in Conakry, Guinea. She was previously the Director of Marymount in the Schools in California and also consults with Knightwater Learning Solutions. She has worked as Principal of NES International School in Mumbai, India, and has also taught at international schools in China, India and Germany. After earning a BA at the University of California, Berkeley, and an MA at Michigan State, she recently completed an MBA in International Management.

American School of Braasilia:  Upper School Director of Teaching and Learning

Katrina Charles


Katrina Charles has been appointed Upper School Director of Teaching and Learning at American School of Brasilia in Brasilia, Brazil. Previously, Katrina was (and still is) IB Coordinator at American School of Brasilia

QSI International School of Dushanbe:  Director

Kimberly Black


Mrs. Kimberley Black has accepted the Director position at QSI International School of Dushanbe in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Her husband, Ken, will be teaching upper elementary students. Mrs. Black has served with QSI since 2011 as a classroom teacher in Kyiv, Ukraine and as a QSI administrator at Almaty International School in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

International School of Panama:  Assistant Principal (HS)

James Mattiace


James is the new assistant principal in charge of academic affairs and behavior at the high school. An 18 year veteran of the classroom, he brings a variety of tech, management, and organizational skills, plus a raft of PTC courses.

Canadian International School of Hong Kong:  Interim Head of School

David Baird


David has recently been appointed the Interim Head of School at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. David and his wife Marie, have travelled the world extensively as teachers and administrators and have held posts at the Prem Center in Chiangmai, UNIS Hanoi, the Bill Mason Centre in Ontario, Waterford Kamhlaba UWC as well as Lester Pearson College UWC. David also has been a team leader for a number of CIS team visits. They are both excited to be in Asia again in such an amazing school and vibrant city.

Tashkent International School:  Director

Myna Anderson


Myna Anderson took on the mantle of Director at Tashkent International School in Tashkent, Uzbekistan starting in July 2016. Myna has served in several international schools since 1992, as a teacher, coordinator of multiple programs, administrator, coach, elementary and secondary principal and accreditation leader. She has a broad range of experience with all three IB programs and has taught and/or coordinated programs at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Myna approaches her first headship role with experience from Lincoln School in Katmandu, Nepal; International School of Yangon in Rangoon, Burma; Harare International School in Harare, Zimbabwe; Khartoum International Community School in Khartoum, Sudan: Lahore American School, Pakistan; and ABA-An IB World School in Muscat, Oman. Myna holds MA degrees from Teachers College of Columbia University and Michigan State University.

Fukuoka International School:  Secondary School Principal

Paul McKenzie


Paul McKenzie has been appointed Secondary School Principal at Fukuoka International School. Having held the same position at the International School of Ouagadougou, Mr. McKenzie is returning to Japan after 20 years of international K12 teaching and administrative experience.

Beijing City International School:  Head of School

Chris Akin


Chris Akin will join Beijing City International School (BCIS) as the next Head of School starting in July 2017. For 2016-17 Chris will transition with Ted Sharp, BCIS' current head while acting as Executive Director for Special Projects. Chris has served i international schools in Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Switzerland and Indonesia.

The American School in Switerland:  Academic Dean Middle School

Timothy Fitzgerald


Timothy Fitzgerald is now the Academic Dean of TASIS Middle School. Previously he was an administrator at Ruamrudee international School in Bangkok, Thailand and Saigon South International School in Vietnam. He has taught at International School Bangkok, American School in Milan and Scofield Magnet Middle School in Stamford, CT USA.

American School of Valencia:  Preschool and Elementary Principal

Ann C. Kox


American School of Valencia is proud to welcome Dr. Ann C. Kox as the Preschool and Elementary Principal. Dr. Kox has served for the past three years as the Superintendent of the Wausaukee School District in Wisconsin (USA). Prior to her work in Wausaukee, Dr. Kox served as the Elementary and Middle School Principal at the American School of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Intermediate and Middle School Principal in the Waterloo School District (Wisconsin, USA), and as the Assistant Director of Special Education for the Cooperative Educational Service Agency.

Dr. Kox holds a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in English and a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Special Education from the University of Wisconsin, as well as a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership from Edgewood College. She holds multiple certifications as a Principal, Director of Teaching and Learning, Director of Pupil Services, English and Special Education.

American School of Puerto Vallarta:  General Director

Lisa Langley


Ms Lisa Langley, M.S., has been appointed General Director at the American School of Puerto Vallarta. After serving for over sixteen years as Director of Admissions & College Guidance, she takes on her new role as our school's leader, guiding us to continue to thrive as a multicultural learning community. She is taking over the reigns from our school founder, Mr. Gerald Selitzer, who decided to retire this year after 30 years as our Director.

Hawera Primary School:  Year 2 Teacher

Lauren Wanstall


A driven, passionate, well organised and caring teacher. I have high expectations of myself, my colleagues and my students, along with a great sense of humour. One of my most important beliefs is to know my students and recognise their different learning needs, understand them and apply them to the learning so that children can successfully achieve their learning goals. I am enthusiastic and passionate for creating positive and supportive learning experiences for my students, so they can strengthen and grow their existing capabilities and discover new capabilities.

North Jakarta Intercultural School:  Head of School

Markus W. Baloun


Markus W. Baloun was appointed Head of School at North Jakarta Intercultural School as of June 2016. During 2015/2016 he served at NJIS as the principal. Prior his move to Indonesia he worked in four different countries as an international educator and administrator.

S.A. Escuela Bella Vista:  Secondary Principal

Jonathan Chenier


Jonathan Chenier is now the Secondary Principal at Escuela Bella Vista in Maracaibo, Venezuela. He brings fourteen years of experience in international schools in Mexico and Colombia, the last ten as an administrator. He is also a doctoral candidate in Drexel University's Ed.D. program in Educational Leadership and Management.

The American School of Mallorca:  Principal

Emmanuel Lacoste


Saipan International School:  Headmaster

Ronald Snyder


Ron Snyder has been appointed the new Headmaster at Saipan International School, starting in summer 2016. Ron has worked in 9 countries over his 24 years in international education and is moving to Saipan from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.