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Listen to Teachers

We talk to hundreds of teachers every year, from those who have been teaching for years in international schools, to those just about to take the plunge for the first time. Follow our guest bloggers to get real time input into life as an international teacher and watch video clips from teachers around the world on why they chose to teach abroad.

Bambi Betts

Bambi Betts is the Director of the Principals' Training Center for International School Leadership and co-trainer for the PTC's Essential Skills courses. Bambi is also the CEO of the Academy for International School Heads (AISH). Having worked at international schools across the globe and a consultant to many more, she shares thoughts and insights on a wide range of topics in education.

Forrest Broman

Forrest Broman has been in international education for 30 years. He has interviewed thousands of candidates, written a guide for international recruiters, and is the founder and President of The International Educator (TIE). He shares thoughts and tips on getting and securing a job in an international school.

Stephen Dexter

Stephen Dexter ponders life and education through the lens of an international school headmaster. According to Stephen he "writes when he can and is on a quest to discover how the Swiss manage to stay thin on a diet of cheese, chocolate and wine." He is currently the Principal of Leysin American School, a boarding school in the Swiss Alps.

Daniel Kerr

Daniel Kerr's weekly posts share the insights of an international school administrator. He writes about school and staff dynamics as well as fundamental educational principles and approaches relevant to international schools. Daniel is presently a Middle School Principal in Shanghai.

Jen Munnerlyn

Jen Munnerlyn is the Elementary Principal at the American School of Warsaw. Her international experience began back in 1980 when her parents first started teaching overseas. Jen blogs about her own experiences as a Third Culture Kid, the adventures of being the mother of a TCK, and about elementary education in an international school setting. Her picture book The Adventure Begins, about the first day at an international school, is a favorite among adults and students abroad.

David Penberg

David Penberg is an urban and international educational leader/consultant with a deep commitment to progressive education, understanding global mindedness, and new school creation. He abides by the dictum of E.E. Cummings who said: " I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing, than teach ten thousand stars not to dance." His perspective on leading, teaching and learning emerges from a life-long apprenticeship.

Kassi Cowles

Kassi Cowles is an IB English and TOK teacher currently based in Shanghai. She has worked in international education for the last 8 years in Canada, Togo and China. Her writing explores issues of educational reform and how to create authentic and creative learning communities.

Barry Déquanne

Barry Déquanne is currently working as the Head of School at the American School of Brasilia. His blog explores topics in K-12 education and school leadership within the framework of five focus areas: Academics, Activities, Arts, Leadership, and Service. The blog also explores professional articles and highlights recently read books.

Shannon Fehse

Shannon Fehse has spent her entire teaching career overseas, having lived and worked in China, Mexico, Colombia and Taiwan. Her journey will continue in Abu Dhabi in the fall of 2015. As a thirty-something vagabond with no plans to "settle down" anytime soon, she shares various perspectives about the benefits and challenges of being single abroad.

Eric & Jamie Brown

Eric and Jamie are long time international school teachers and have had countless adventures around the globe working at different schools. Hear stories on travel, lifestyle, moving, and life in general as an international school teacher. They are a great resource for finding out what it is like to go from culture to culture, learning, and of course... teaching!

Kailie Nagrath

Kailie Nagrath is a recent college graduate who has just embarked on her first international teaching assignment. Kailie knew she wanted to combine her love of travel and foreign cultures with her passion for teaching and children. She landed an intern position with the International School of Manila, and has excitedly begun her journey towards an international teaching career.

Victoria Leith

Victoria is a first time international school teacher from the UK who has just arrived in China! She teaches Pre-K and has made the decision to teach internationally with her non-teaching spouse and 6 year old daughter.

Barry Mernin

Barry Mernin is a twenty-three year veteran elementary educator. He has spent the past ten years teaching in Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. His professional mission statement is: "I will provide a wholesome and upbeat environment for any and all students to succeed. I will teach students to learn to be content. I will demand that students care for the world around them as well as themselves. I will remember what it is like to be a child."

What is Exciting About International School Classrooms


"The kids that come in are so rich in where they've travelled and where they've been and they are bringing this to your classroom..."

TIE as a resource and working in another country


"Living in a different culture other than the one I have been in is really exciting"

Why I work in an international school


"You get to work with people who love teaching, the focus is all about learning... the teachers invest much more emotionally than they would do back home"

TIE Testimonials

Listen to what our users have to say about TIE! Click HERE to submit your own testimonial.

Stefani Boam Karlsson

Eagle Mountain, Utah

"My husband and I were empty-nesters looking to have a new exciting adventure. So we decided to apply for international teaching jobs. We have a lot of friends who have taught over seas and when asked where to go to find teaching job openings, they unanimously said, TIE online. We signed up for the service and have not been disappointed. They have a constant list of jobs, the website is filled with extensive information about the school and the benefits and the directions to apply for a job is very simple to follow.. I was offered a job with Springboard International Bilingual School in Beijing, China. I found this position posted on TIE online. We are very excited about our new adventure, thanks to the help of TIE online.



"“TIE made me dream of what life could be like working in other countries. There is a nice sense of community to it. It brings us together and makes international teachers feel like they are not alone.” - Philippe"

Bob Allwright

Brainworks-Total Group of Schools

"Recently we placed an online advertisement with you for a Secondary English teacher and received some excellent candidates and have secured the services of one of those candidates. He arrived last week and immediately fitted in very well with our awesome team. We thank you for your outstanding service and for providing such wonderful candidates."


Vienna, Austria

"While looking for a new position this year, I signed up and paid my dues to ISS, and yet the options presented there seemed limited. When a MS EAL position at AIS-Vienna showed up on TIE (but not ISS!), I pounced and contacted the school immediately. Within two weeks, I had completed two Skype interviews and landed the position. (It also bears mentioning that folks in Vienna were impressed with my recently published article in the TIE newspaper. :-)

Thanks for offering a low-budget but effective way to identify great job offers!


Rochester, NY

"I registered for the Tie Online service in November and found it quite challenging to land an interview. After waiting around until April, I was offered two interviews through two different companies in China and Taiwan and was given an excellent offer near Shanghai. If you are having difficulty during the height of the recruitment season, wait it out and you may find that it's easier to get interviews closer to the upcoming school year. Also, make sure to be proactive and call the schools. Sometimes your resume, regardless of how great it may be, can be overlooked by recruitment. Draw attention to your name and qualifications and show genuine interest. Thank you Tie Online for your services! "



"Thanks to this site I was able to find, and apply, to a number of international schools around the world. I had a few Skype interviews with various schools and accepted a job just a few weeks ago. I'm so glad that I was told about TIE Online."

Andres & Jamie

Khartoum, Sudan

"We are happy to let you know that we have, once again, landed jobs through TieOnline. We will be teaching in China for the next two years!


Newnan, GA

"Thank you TIE!!! Through you, last week I was offered and have accepted a teaching position in Kenya! I cancelled my plans to attend a recruitment fair this past weekend. I am so thrilled and excited! I have been a member for a few years but mainly used the site to see what positions were available. I now know first hand that indeed one can really secure a job via your site. It makes so much sense to do it this way. Anyway, fellow educators TIE WORKS!!!"

Pedro & Jamie

Mexico City, Mexico

"I just wanted to notify you that my wife and I have recently accepted ESL and Art positions at an international school beginning in August through TIEonline. We are very excited and wanted to thank you and your team."


"I have been a member of TIEonline for over 6 years now. I am finishing my contract here at an international school in Asia and I have recently signed a contract with a great school in Latin America. Both jobs were obtained via a hit I received from the 'Instant Job Notification' with tie online. Thank you to you and your team! I am so happy to have been recruited early ... many thanks once again for your services! Enjoy your day!"

Bob and Judi Custer

Sasebo, Japan

"What a fantastic service. We both located jobs within only a couple of months, interviewed by SKYPE, and made preparations for more academic adventure. Thanks TIE !!!"


Inland Pacific

"My first foray into international education.... I signed up with every international education job site I found. I also paid large fees to an agency that "vets" candidates and offers job fairs. This week I accepted a position in a school that I think is going to be a wonderful fit. I procured the position through TIEonline. This allows me to avoid the cost and stress of the fair... though the agency may or may not refund my hiring fair "fee", I still saved a bundle. Thanks TIE... I will pass the word."


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"TIE was a great resource for my husband and I as we began our search for our next country and school. The instant job notification was great and kept us up to date on the positions available. "


Seoul, Korea

"I got my first international teaching job back in 2000 thanks to the TIE. Since then I have been a member at it has been a valuable tool in my job hunts. Thanks!"

Dawn Thompson

Floresville, TX

"Just wanted to thank you and your staff for a wonderful web site. I secured an excellent position within a few weeks of joining! Again, thank you all."


Hong Kong

"Firstly, a very big thank you for all the notifications that I have received through TIEonline instant notification service. I will be sure to use your services again in 2 years time when I will be ready for my next move. Thank you most sincerely for your fantastic service. It has been an absolute pleasure to have been registered with TIE. Again thank you so much and please express my thanks to your director for all the advice. Best wishes for the future and may your company continue to prosper."


North Carolina, USA

"Well, your company has done it to me or for less than a month, actually within several weeks, after completing my resume on line , I wrote to several schools looking for teachers immediately. All were polite and acknowledged my resume and interest. A far cry from what I had experienced locally. A school in Qatar interviewed me via Skype and subsequently made an offer that I have accepted. They have been very good to work with and excellent in trying to get information to you through their staff. I leave for Qatar on October the 22nd. It has been a little hectic preparing for the 'adventure' to come but I am looking forward to the experience very much. All of this has happened in less than 2 months. Thanks for your service. Thought you would like to know."


Illinois, USA

"I am a subscriber too TIE. Your organization does wonderful work. I have gotten three previous positions due to TIE."


Seoul, Korea

"I have received a new position for the next school year. I want to thank TIE for providing such a valuable tool. Once again the Instant Job Notification and online resume has allowed me to get a position. Next year I will be teaching at an International School, in Seoul, Korea. I will probably teach Grade 3. Thank you so much."


"Just a note to say a huge thank you. I already have a job for next year and I didn't have to ... leave my current students to get it. This service is wonderful!"


"I am a member of TIE and I love TIE newspaper. It is my favorite publication absolutely! It is the only newspaper I read from beginning to end. Feel free to quote me."


"I am impressed with your website, and see these services as very helpful, and quite likely eventuating into a new job."


"Just wanted to thank you and your staff for a wonderful web site. I secured an excellent position within a few weeks of joining! Again, thank you all. "


New York City, NY

"I've decided to take the job. Wow! That was pretty quick! What a great service you guys offer."


"I am a long time subscriber to TIE ...You guys have kept me informed, in work, and healthy in good times and bad for nearly 30 years. You have what may be considered a very satisfied customer! I am old school and used to pour over the TIE quarterly publication, standing guard over my issue like a German Sheppard back in the day prior to Tieonline. All the best. I will get back to you in 2013 if, I don't renew my contract. "

Dennis McCarthy


"I spent several months from late 2013 till AprIl 2014 looking for work as an international teacher. My primary job data base source was TIE. The list of schools is long and comprehensive on the TIE and I had several opportunities to send my resume to several schools. In April I had a Skype interview with Frank Walsh the director of American International School at Nouakchott in Mauritania. He offered me the middle school humanities and ELA position. I had a wonderful and productive year. This was all due to the information that I gleaned from TIE. I highly recommend TIE and the people that support it. Thanks a lot."

Pietro Fiore

Boston, MA

"I love TIE! TIE’s service is so simple and effective. So many schools are interested in my candidacy because of TIE. In fact, what I find impressive is how schools contact me. Waking up to find an email from a school head who says he saw my resume on TIEonline is a very pleasant surprise and makes my job search that much easier.

What I really love about TIE is the customer service. Whenever I call or email the staff always responds in a timely manner. Even if you don’t know the answer right away, you’ll always get back to me with follow-up information, or someone who does know the answer. You’re all on the same page of providing great service. TIE’s price is so reasonable and there are so many benefits to subscribing such as 24/7 access and excellent support.

Thank you TIE for a great job and a great service!

Kendall Hart

Kings Mills, OH

"Well TIE, after poking around on the job listings for a few months, I finally pulled the trigger and applied at some schools. My wife and I have been thinking about this for years and put it off with the birth of our girls. Well, now that they are on their own, the window of opportunity opened a crack. I had a really nice interview with a school in Saudi and then got hired for a 5th-grade position in Morocco! And they are trying to find a spot for my wife who just got her certification to teach in Ohio. We couldn't be more excited for this new chapter of our lives to begin. Thank you so much."


"I subscribed to TIE in February and was hired in March. Thanks TIE! I am thrilled about my new assignment."


Shanghai, China

"I found my current position at an international school in Shanghai through the listings on TIE online. Thanks for a great resource!"



"While most jobs are good, no doubt, be careful of the schools that advertise many jobs as there are reasons they need to fill those positions. Sometimes a school may be looking for only two or three teachers, but it only has four teachers on the staff. Ask yourself why and ask the administrator pointed questions. It may be that the principal enjoys micromanaging the staff and the teachers can't wait to leave. That has been my experience, and I am being very careful where I go next. Thank you for your service, TIE, but teachers should check out the International Schools Review, too."

Christian Alexander

"I want to thank you for what you and all your dedicated staff are doing with To be honest with you, I was a bit dubious about signing up, however all my fears were dispelled when I started receiving responses from several different schools.  Last night, my wife and I accepted a teaching position in a very nice and successful International School in Korea.

TIEOnline gave us a head-start to all the big International Teaching job fairs.  These job fairs can cost into the thousands of dollars depending on where they are located.  Our new headmaster is also very happy as he now has to less positions to fill when he goes to Iowa.

Again I thank you very much and I think you have a wonderful service."

Ms. Cooper

Phoenix, USA

"I cannot tell you how much I enjoy TIE and all it has to offer. I've been in education for over twenty years, and 5 of those overseas thanks to TIE. Thank you again TIE and Cheryl. "

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