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TIE Newsletter

16 July 2020
TIE Statement on Equity
The International Educator (TIE) has played an active role in the growth and sustenance of the international school community for over 30 years. That very statement makes TIE complicit with a system that has served to consolidate white privilege and perpetrate racial exclusion through its practices and systems. It is a system which stands in dire need of collective reconstruction on a platform based on the oneness of humankind; where the palette of human diversity can be seen visually, experienced viscerally, and taught purposefully; where the nobility of every person is recognized and valued. TIE has been part of the problem and now, expressing our deep commitment to antiracist work going forward, we commit to being a part of the change... read on

By Heidi Dyck Hilty

Racism in international schools sounds like a misquote. There can't be racism in international schools; it goes against everything we're supposed to believe in, against everything we say we promote. And yet . .. more

By Michelle Collin

"You will forever be remarkable people," stated Mr. Smith, Head of Shekou International School. "Partly because you graduated in a remarkable year, but mainly because you are who you are well before the pandemic hit us."... more

By Matthew Dicks

We might be raising the first generation of children who truly understand the value of school and appreciate all of the educational opportunities that have been afforded to them. Unfortunately, it is coming at great cost... more

By Emily Sargent-Beasley

No longer is there a chance to kneel beside a child, smile from across the room, or nudge with clear feedback using a tone that invites listening and understanding. The traditional toolkit has been left behind. Each tool now feels as if it must be replaced. .. more
By Shwetangna Chakrabarty

This summer holiday is an exception, it is once in a century that schools are closed and there are no travel plans! No frantic last-minute packing, no reminders set for online check-in, no travel maps downloaded and no one waiting for you on the other side of the globe. The ‘Summer of 2020' is ushering a massive change for the international schools' community.. .. more

B y Nafisa Mustafa, Age 10

Throughout this learning experience, I have missed many things, but the biggest one is socializing. Being there in the physical classroom with the teacher was better and easier, for some inexplicable reason."... more

By Owen Su , Grade 8

Distance learning has become inevitable for schools around the world. As educators continue to consider the best ways to approach this new reality, it might be helpful to hear directly from students about their experiences... more

Are Schools Re-Opening? 

Check out the TIE  School Status  page where you can see the current status by country and by school.
By Paul Magnuson

As we move away from the norm–away from our regular experience with education–we start introducing more and more new terminology to describe our vision. It doesn't take long before what we've written isn't terribly clear. We then rewrite using terminology more familiar to us as educators. Then the text is clearer, but… we find that it is clearer because readers relate with the text by understanding it as their regular experience with education. And that's not the goal ... more

By Matt Piercy

The international school where I am employed issued a statement, "The Responsibility of an International School," which felt entirely authentic. However, within days if not hours, there was backlash. This time by former students..... more

By Douglas Unger

Teaching literature-in-translation, especially by contemporary writers, is one way to approach expanding diversity in both what and how students learn. This is one of the primary missions of Words Without Borders Campus... . more
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TIE's Special June issue
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Rahaf Ala'aldin Yousef Mishael, Grade 12
Jinho Yoon, Grade 11
Dina Terro, Grade 11
Mazen Khan
Azzah Abrar Dar, Age 10
Jazz Victoria Griffiths, Grade 8
Nafisa Mustafa, Age 10
Matthew Bochen, Grade 5
Owen Su, Grade 8
Rex Park & JJ Wang, Grade 8
Raajveer Chakraborty, Age 10
Sandara Jin, Grade 12
Sarah Jayasooriya, Grade 9
Nusrat Siddique, Grade 8
Katy Shimoda, Grade 8
Mahum Asad, Grade 11
Allyson H., Grade 8
Fatima Taha, Grade 12
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