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TIE Newsletter

19 June 2020
TIE's Special June issue
devoted to student voice
Rahaf Ala'aldin Yousef Mishael, Grade 8
Jinho Yoon, Grade 11
Dina Terro, Grade 11
Mazen Khan
Azzah Abrar Dar, Age 10
Jazz Victoria Griffiths, Grade 8
Nafisa Mustafa, Age 10
Matthew Bochen, Grade 5
Owen Su, Grade 8
Rex Park & JJ Wang, Grade 8
Raajveer Chakraborty, Age 10
Sandara Jin, Grade 12
Sarah Jayasooriya, Grade 9
Nusrat Siddique, Grade 8
Katy Shimoda, Grade 8
Mahum Asad, Grade 11
Allyson H., Grade 8
Fatima Taha, Grade 12
Juneteenth & the June Issue
Hey! How's your neck today? Me, I'm feeling the whiplash. As editor of The International Educator newspaper, it's my job to stay abreast of events that impact our sector so I can help to keep all of you informed in turn. Hence the neck problem. I've got to be honest: in the midst of the massive upheaval that has surged at the juncture of COVID-19 and the brutal legacy of 1619, my best efforts will necessarily fall short. There is simply too much of import to report, and it's all happening so fast. .. more

By Susana Thomas

It was incredible to work alongside people of color and to be seen for what we are and what we have to offer... It was magical while it lasted. I feared that penning such a candid account would result in my exclusion from the consideration of future employers. But we must . .. more

By Joel Jr Llaban

We have to name racism, call it out, and own up to our privilege and power. We have an opportunity here to structurally dismantle racism and shape the present and future of international education so that it is equitable, just, diverse, inclusive, and anti-racist... more

By Kim Marshall

Racism: "a system of advantage based on race that is created and maintained by an interplay between psychological factors and sociopolitical factors… so deeply embedded within U.S minds and U.S. society that it is virtually impossible to escape."... more

By Jazz Victoria Griffiths, Grade 8

Without a doubt, this remote learning experience has brought both positives and negatives. At times I've been tearing out my hair, whereas at other moments I'm basking in a state of Zen that I'd never possessed while engaged in standard schooling.... more
As school leaders what are the lessons we are teaching our international school communities?
As the sun goes down in beautiful Surrey tonight, tensions are high in my multicultural household of 3 people. A caucasian husband, African black mother, and a biracial child who identifies strongly with both cultures. We are all processing the events of the past week. Some conversations have been safe and exploratory whilst others have been heated and unforgiving. .. more
The Children of Haiti & Refugee Program
Needs Your Help

Ten years ago, we had a vision to create Haiti's future leaders with  51 children between ages 4 and 5. Today ,  there are 65 children who have progressed beyond our wildest expectations and are completing this month the 8th, 9th, and 10th grades.      
After 10 years of hard work, the testing and assessment statistics indicate amazing progress. Because of the current virus situation, we now find that fundraising is increasingly difficult. We need the help of everyone who can assist us in preserving this important program, and a school which is one of the few that continues to run during the coronavirus. Please donate now .

By Jinho Yoon, Grade 11

On the morning of 17 March, four Korean students and I entered the desolate Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, India welcomed by the few that worked there with glances of suspicion and disgust. Leaving meant we would not be able to return to school, no matter how things evolved... more

By Betsy Grabb Suits

Six weeks ago, I caught one of the last flights out of Laos where all schools closed due to the Coronavirus 19. My mom had been in the hospital during this pandemic and was home under Hospice Care. I didn't think I would make it back in time to see her again.. .. more
I've watched from afar the protests and demonstrations that have rocked my home country, the United States, in recent weeks. The needless death of George Floyd held a particular poignancy for me. Watching the video, I realized I recognized the location where it took place. It was just over a block away from where I had lived for several years.I had always considered myself fairly enlightened and open minded when it came to race until recently, when my son taught me to think again ... more
George Floyd's murder has sparked a worldwide debate on racism, forcing people across the globe to take action against unprecedented acts of discrimination, violence, and irrationalism. A closer look into the depth of this behavior will reveal an insecure, inhuman face. Interestingly, it also reveals another behavior--that of fake sympathies towards the victim on all available social media channels! In the spirit of enlightenment, let me ask a few questions to understand the human behavior which led to the death of George Floyd.. .. more

By Azzah Abrar Dar, Age 10

This time pause has the power to teach me new things every day, Utilize every moment positively, keeping your gadgets at bay. Watching a movie together and these endless family chats, have the power to mellow down, even the nasty spoiled brats.... more

By ACS Press Office

ACS Internationals Schools has raised and donated £5,000 to the Magic Breakfast programme, which will provide over 7,400 breakfasts to vulnerable children in Surrey and Greater London over the next few weeks... . more

The Role of International Schools in Racial Justice and Liberation for All

Watch a Webinar sponsored by AIELOC that was held 17 June 2020

Primary teachers at Guangzhou Nanfang International School in Guangzhou, China made a video to welcome back primary students and inform them about changes implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Have a look!
Each year for the past seven years Voices Around the World has produced a song for schools, youth organizations and individual young people all around the world to learn. Once learned, the vocal recordings along with photos and video clips are sent to us via this website. These are mixed together to make a final version of the song/video which is then released world-wide. Last year's song 'Sunshine' (see video below) included the voices of over 7,000 young people from 64 different countries. Have a listen!

The Association of International Educators and Leaders of Color is hosting a series of webinars:

The Power of Tough Conversations
29 June at 10am EST

Tired: Celebrating Diversity Wired: Anti-racist International Education
8 July at 11am EST

Summer Pearls of Wisdom from the PTC
Since its inception in 1989, each and every day at the PTC summer institutes a participant shares a leadership strategy that is helpful and relevant when leading an international school. For this "virtual" version, our PTC trainers will be offering the pearls.

Virtual Community Weeks from the PTC
We are excited to announce three weeks of virtual community learning events this June/July. Each day will begin at 9am EDT and will last for 45 minutes. During these interactive sessions there will be a panel discussion comprised of TTC, TLI, and CTC trainers, former participants from our programs and special guests.

Virtual Workshop - Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Schools - June 2020. What's getting in the way of your school reform and closing the opportunity gap? White supremacy culture! Find out how you can incorporate antiracist teaching at my next 2 day virtual training, on June 27th-28th.


Black students' minds and bodies are under attack. We're fighting back.

Edited By Dyan Watson, Jesse Hagopian, Wayne Au

Teaching for Black Lives grows directly out of the movement for Black lives. We recognize that anti-Black racism constructs Black people, and Blackness generally, as not counting as human life. Throughout this book, we provide resources and demonstrate how teachers connect curriculum to young people's lives and root their concerns and daily experiences in what is taught and how classrooms are set up. We also highlight the hope and beauty of student activism and collective action.

A padlet of resources inspired by Ibram X. Kendi's work and gathered by ISS Director of Curriculum & Professional Development Laura Benson.

Explore a collection of Black voices, media, history, and joy; you'll also find resources for educating yourself and students about antiracism and systemic racism, and steps for change.

Update on ISF-UNESCO's
World Tales Competition

The deadline for the ISF-UNESCO global short story competition has been extended to 15 October, 2020 .

If you're between 12 and 18 years old, write 250 to 500 words (in English or French) on the theme, 'Once upon a time in my future...'And send your entries to
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