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International Job Guide

The all important interview for teaching overseas

The personal interview is extremely important in the hiring process. What transpires during this brief meeting will determine, more than any other factor, whether you receive an offer to teach abroad. The interview might be as brief as 45 minutes, although very often another half hour or extended session is arranged. Most likely you will be talking to the superintendent or head of the school. You will find that some of these administrators are skilled interviewers, while others appear less sure of how to maximize their brief meetings with a stream of candidates seeking teaching jobs overseas.

Do your utmost to engage in a lively dialogue with the prospective employer. Try not to adopt a passive attitude in the interview. Ask interesting, thoughtful questions about the school, the country, and possible hardships. Reveal your curiosity and concern about the school where you may be working.

Remember that many international schools are unaware of legal restrictions concerning certain types of questions imposed by various U.S. state or federal laws. You may be asked to answer questions concerning your age, health, religious views, marital status or sexual preference. Although these questions may appear to be a violation of your privacy, this information is being gathered for the protection of both you and the school.

Again, we urge you to carefully consider what kind of school you will be working for and how willing you are to adapt to local laws and customs, which in some areas of the world are extremely restrictive.